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This website will help you find short term rentals all around the world. Through us, the most popular destinations in the world are now reachable. You will be able to book apartments for rent from locals that lives in each part of the world and will also have the pleasure of spending a unique and pleasant holiday in the country you desire. The short term stay options gathered here are affordable to anyone and can fit everyone’s budget, allowing you to visit the most popular destinations in the world with ease.


Find your apartment for rent today

Find your apartment for rent today!


Most Popular Destinations Where You Can Rent an Apartment:


There are many attractive locations all around the world, but here are some of the most interesting cities:

  • London – One of the oldest cities in the world and the capital of the United Kingdom.
  • Istanbul – The city characterized by being influenced by both the Asian and European culture and the only city in the world located on two continents.
  • Budapest –  The capital of Hungary and a romantic capital of Europe, formed by joining the two towns of Buda and Pest into one.
  • Venice -The city on the water and perhaps the most romantic part of Italy.
  • San Francisco – The city of diversity and tolerance, also popular by its arts and culture and one of the most unique landmarks in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Prague – Every tourist’s dream visit and a popular destination for European travelers.
  • Malaga – The jewel of Andalusia and a city with perhaps the most favorable climate in Europe where even the winter periods are warm.
  • Brussels – The best capital city of Europe where one can get a quality rest, featuring some of the most interesting architecture dating back from 10th century.
  • Milan –  Italy’s most fashionable city and the birthplace of many famous fashions brands.
  • Edinburgh – The capital and the biggest city of Scotland with many relevant landmarks from Scotland’s rich history.
  • Marbella – Part of Spain’s Costa del Sol region, and the city with some of the best beaches in Europe.
  • Rio de Janeiro – One of the most attractive cities in South America and the home of some of the most popular Carnival events in Brazil.
  • Bucharest – Dubbed as the Paris of Eastern Europe and also the home of Count Dracula.
  • Dublin – The capital city of the Republic of Ireland and its educational, arts and cultural center but also ranked as one of the global cities of the world.
  • Amsterdam –  The city of canals and bridges and perhaps the most favorable visiting locations for younger travelers.
  • Paris –   Its nickname “The City of Light” pretty much sums it all up.
  • Berlin – The capital of Germany and a city with one of the largest urban areas of Europe.
  • Rome – The eternal city and rich with history and culture.
  • Vienna – The capital of Austria and the one of  the centers of culture and art of Europe.
  • Barcelona – The capital city of Catalonia and one of the most popular tourist destination for many visitors in the world.
  • Stockholm – One of the most competitive cities in the world it is both the largest city of Sweden and the whole of Scandinavia as well.
  • New York – The largest and the most populous city in the world, with one of the most recognized symbols in the world depicting it, the statue of Lady Liberty.
  • Boston – One of the largest harbors in the US and the world and also an important part of America’s history as well.
  • Miami – A famous resting places in the state of Florida and a place where a convergence of culture, race creed is attended.
  • Washington, DC – The capital of the United States and the home of the White House, where the president of this country resides.
  • Orlando, Florida – It’s suffice to only say Disneyland.
  • Chicago – United States’ center of technology and culture.
  • Los Angeles – The heart of California and home to Hollywood.
  • Singapore – A city state which is the commercial hub and business center of the world.


Short Term Rentals in North America:

The continent of North America brings you a lot of visiting excitement. From the large metropolis to historical and urban areas and cities. You can rent short stay apartments of all sorts and for different purposes. Staying in the US is always an interesting endeavor and to relive it you will certainly find the offered temporary housings very useful. Here you can see the list of most popular cities in United States and lists of self-catering accommodations in them.
Find your apartment for rent in US

Canada is a popular destination by many people from all over the world. This North American country offers lease from modern flats to warm cottages for adventurous types.


Short Term Rentals in Europe:

Known as the “old continent” and the area where culture was expanded and which is rich in history, architecture, culture and does not lack in excitement and entertainments as well. There are a number of countries which offer a unique experience to visitors from Europe and other parts of the world as well. Visit: AustriaBelgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, ItalyMalta, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Tenerife, United Kingdom and more by renting affordable places to stay here on this site. Enjoy the quality of stay that private hosts from various cities in different countries of Europe offer and make the trip to a country of your choice for a cheaper price now. For more European countries please take a look on the page about apartments for rent in Europe.
Choose your short term rental in Europe

Accommodation in Caribbean Islands

Some people believe that there is no better vacation that going to the Caribbean islands and according to the beaches and the quality of weather offered here many agree that this is actually true. Visit some of the top vacation spots and stay in one of the many offered accommodation rentals in places like Curacao, Jamaica, Cuba and many others. Bathe in the Caribbean Sun and enjoy the crystal clear waters of their tourist resorts. Be sure that the late rooms offered here can only help you make your stay better and enhance the quality of your stay.


Caribbean map

Apartments in South America

Visit the countries of South America for a bargain price. Chose self-catering apartments from our offered list and stay in countries like Brasil, Argentina, Peru or other great destination of South America. Explore the wonders of the continent, enjoy the unique cuisine offered here and see some of the most amazing sites left here by long forgotten cultures many years ago. Explore our listings and spend a truly amazing holiday in one of the offered private accommodations.


South America Short Term Rental Map

Temporary Housing in Africa

Experience the black continent like no way better before. Visit one of the most exotic places on the Earth by staying in the comfortable and well-furnished short term stays made available by private hosts by various African nations. You will find that the offered stays in Africa offer a very pleasant stay and care for the needs of the visitors. See some of the most unique wonders of the world and experience new cultures and their habits by way of this site.
Accommodation in Africa, map

Central America Accommodation

Enjoy an exotic stay in some of the popular tourist locations in Central America. A destination popular with many of the neighboring areas and countries, it has also started growing in popularity with the overseas tourists and visitors. Experience the unique style which countries like Mexico, Costa Rica and El Salvador bring to the table and use the offered short leases from the site to make your stay a pleasant one.


Short stay apartments in Central America map

Let’s Travel to Australia & Oceania!

A vacation to Australia sounds pretty awesome, would you agree? Or a visit to New Zealand in order to experience its vast natural beauties which the island country offers? Even a visit to some of the islands which comprise Oceania is capable through this page and a cheap one as well. Check the list of all the available private homes available on the continent of Australia or its neighboring islands which from Oceania and choose to pick a flat which gives you more for a lesser price.


Apartments in Australia-Oceania map

Asian Short Stay Apartments

If your desired country from the Far East or the Mid East, then take a look on the list of Asian countries. We are certain that you will find a studio or an apartment for rent which will meet your needs during your short stay in Asia. We have accommodations in various parts of the continent which are waiting to be rented by you.