5 Fun Things to Do in London

London is among the world’s most beautiful culture capitals, brimming with fun and exciting things to see and do. It is also one of the cities that can make one’s dreams come true. Regardless of the economic or social status you carry in your bag, there is always something fun to experience in London. It is not actually a matter of “what” to do in the city, but it is more a case of “where” to begin! The city of London is both exciting and vibrant with a great mix of significant historical monuments and the latest in art, technology, and culture. If you are like the majority of people who wonder what to do when in London, below are some of the best and most fun things to do.



Some Fun Things to Experience in London City


Eat Out At Amaya Indian Restaurant

Address: Halkin Arcade, Motcomb St., London SW1X 8JT

People who have been in London for a while definitely know Amaya. This is among the most popular places in the city for people to eat out. Locals and tourist visit the restaurant to enjoy their delicious grilled chicken and drink cocktails. Most of the grilled food items in the restaurant are prepared on the Tawa- a thick iron plate. They also have tandoor to grill beef, chicken, and mutton. Whether hungry or not, you will love the place not only because of their food, but the pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant.


Visit the World-Renowned British Museum

Address: Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1B 3DG

Tube: Tottenham Court Road Station, Russell Square Station, Holborn Station

The British Museum was founded in 1753 when Sir Sloane left his 71, 000 collections. It was insisted by the charter that the museum should be open to all curious and studious people. It rapidly expanded during the 19th century and now houses around 7 million objects; some of them are over 10, 000 years old. You can spend some of your afternoon time exploring the relics of ancient Greek and Egyptian empires and come face to face with the greatest cultural achievements of mankind. Don’t miss taking a walk through the impressive and beautiful columned entrance going through the breathtaking glass domed Great Court of Lord Norman. You will never get bored in the museum as you wander through the endless corridors and its beautiful displays.



Feel the Rush with Tandem Skydive in Cambridge

Location: March (Cambridgeshire)

Price for 1 participant: £220

If you want to experience the rush of free fall, the Tandem Skydiving in Cambridge at March’s Chatteris Airfileld is a must-try. The breathtaking countryside and the number of jumps make this fantastic parachuting airfield UK’s most popular. You will see the magnificent views of the countryside, 30-40 seconds free fall, and a dedicated airfield with two planes that run all day. The adrenaline rush as the hatch opens along with the insane feeling of falling 5,000 ft. at 120mph speed makes this tandem skydive one of most unforgettable experiences you will ever have in your lifetime.


Don’t Miss the Archery Experience

Location: London

Price for 1 participant: £25

Experience a new kind of fun with this introduction to one of the most-enjoyed and oldest sports in the city. The Archery Taster session will provide you with one-and-a-half hours of expert tuition at an indoor range. You will also have some hands-on experience with the weaponry of the past. You can focus at improving yourself, perfecting your aim, and just enjoy the moment.


Try the Time Warp at Dennis Severs’ House

Address: 18 Folgate St Spitalfields, London E1 6BX

Tube: Liverpool St

Price: £10 daytime visits, £14 evening visits, £7 selected Mondays

The Dennis Severs’ House is a “time travel” attraction where people can immerse in a unique form of theatre. The ten rooms of the original Huguenot house have been decked out to create snapshots of life. As the American creator put it, this is an escorted through the compelling still-life drama as you will be taken through the kitchen, cellar, smoking room, dining room, and the bedrooms. With all the candles burning with lingering smell and objects scattered haphazardly, it would feel like the inhabitants had deserted the rooms just moments before.




London city is a treasure filled with brilliant days and activities worth seeing and trying. Whether you are living or working in the capital or someone who plans to spend the holiday in the city, you will never run out of fab ways to spend and enjoy your day. Discover all the best venues, learn the city’s history, try out numerous activities, and go to the city’s hidden corners. Whatever it is that you are looking for or aiming to experience, London is a promise. The city is unlikely to disappoint and will only guarantee you with a worthwhile travel experience that you will never forget.



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