5 Reasons to Visit Space World Fukuoka

Space World is an amusement park in Kitakyushu, the northernmost park of Fukuoka, Japan. It boasts more than 30 attractions, ranging from simple rides for children to the more exciting ones for thrill-seekers. It is all about space and you will be welcomed by a life-sized replica of a space shuttle that will make your heart beat faster.



The attractions in space world educate and entertain children and adults alike. Each of them has its own appeal that gives visitors a taste of fun and excitement while leaving them with a desire to better explore the theme park. When in Fukuoka, whether you travel alone or with some friends or kids, it will definitely be worth your time to visit the amusement park and try the different activities in has in stored for you.



Why You Should Visit Space World



  1. To Watch a Movie at the Galaxy Theater

If you are a movie fanatic, then a visit to space world will give you an all new experience. It is an IMAX theater where the images are projected onto a large screen. As it uses of state-of-the-art technology and architecture, the movie looks so real. The experience will make you forget that you are actually in a theater. You would feel like you play a part in the movie with its increased resolution that brings you much closer to the screen.


  1. To See the View from the Top with Space Eye

Space world is the home of the breathtaking Space Eye. It is a 100 meter tall Ferris wheel that will let you see the beautiful view of the surrounding area in the amusement park from the top. This is a great activity to try if you are looking for some thrill and adventure, make sure however that you don’t have a fear of heights. The view from the top is beautiful and breathtaking, making this ride a must-try.



  1. To Try an Exciting Water Ride with Twin Mercury

Trying this one will be equally fun and exciting for you and your kids. Twin Mercury is a flume water ride that has two different tracks for you to choose from. The first one is the Fantasy Cruise, which is a more relaxed one, traveling through the caves and ending with a tiny drop. The next one is the Adventure Cruise or the more intense track, it has a dry and curved drop to the water and ends with a high straight drop.


  1. To Experience a Thrill Like No Other with Venus GP

Feel the rush of this steel roller coaster with its gigantic loops and twisting course. No matter how hard you try, you definitely can’t help but scream at the top of your voice as it brings you up and down, along with its twists and turns. The ride makes a 360-degree loop in the process. Although this may not be for kids, this one will be an unforgettable experience for you.

This ride was originally called Venus but was renamed Venus GP in 2007. The large model of the Space Shuttle beside its vertical loop is another attraction. The riders are arranged in two, in a single row that will make a total of twenty-four riders in each train.



  1. To Enjoy Summer at Muna Water Park

Space world is a great venue for some family travel and bonding, especially during the summer season. It has the Muna Water Park that only opens in summer where you and your kids can dip in the play pools or try some interesting activities like going down the water slides.



When in Japan with your family or friends, be sure to visit Fukuoka and try some of the most exciting rides and activities you’ll ever experience in Space World. For every adventure lover and thrill-seeker, this is definitely the best place to be.

Space world is just 5-10 minute walk from JR Space World Station, along the JR Kagoshima Main Line and can be accessed from Fukuoka’s Hakata Station or Kokura Station. Although it has varying hours, it typically opens from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm in low season and from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm when it’s peak season. Pay an amount of 4, 420 yen to enjoy unlimited rides and fun.



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