5 Things to Do in Luxembourg City

The city of Luxembourg is a home to some of the most entertaining and interesting places in Europe. It is surrounded by stunning architecture, cafes, restaurants, and beautiful parks, which make it incredibly attractive. Luxembourg is also one of the most chosen destinations by tourists during summer break to spend some quality time with their friends and family. The city has numerous activities to offer and child-friendly attractions that satisfy all ages. These many and exciting things are some of the reasons why although Luxembourg is one of the smallest cities in Europe, it remains a popular travel spot. Have one of the most worthwhile stays in Luxembourg by trying some of the best activities in the city.



Top 5 Activities to Try in Luxembourg


Let the Kids See some Animals in Parc Merveilleux Bettembourg

Route de Mondorf

L-3260 Bettembourg

This is the only leisure and fairy tale park in the Grand Duchy. It is where peaceful and relaxing entertainment is experienced. It has some excellent attractions that kids will love while the entire family get fascinated by exotic animals from different continents. Pink flamingos and pelicans are found near the lake while the giant spider’s web is irresistible for the kids. You can also see crocodiles and monkeys, watch fish in the Amazon house, or simply admire how graceful the penguins are while under water. If you want to rest, you can find some shady spots in the forest and areas for discovery and exploration.


Don’t Miss the Indy Park

11 Rue du Brill

3898 Foetz, Luxembourg

Budget: 2.50- 8.50 Euro

The term “Indy” is short for Indiana Jones. The place is big and has a lot of offerings for older children like wavy slides, tube slides, inflatables, and trampolines. Children are allowed to ride in pedal carts and race around the perimeter. The park operates using a swipe watch system for snacks and drinks, where the majority is affordable. For instance, a cone of frites is only 2.50 euro or a large apple juice for 1.50 euro. The entrance is a flat fixed fee. Two hours of play will cost 8.50 euro for ages 4-14 years old and 5 euro for 4 years and below. Just add 1 euro in every additional half hour if you wish to extend your stay. Another bonus when visiting the park is that it’s near the Cora Foetz shopping center where you can grab some groceries.


Be One with Nature in the Ardennes

ORT Ardennes

7, rue de l’Indépendance

L-9532 Wiltz

Majestic Landscapes, winding valleys, and scenic highlands- there are the things that will welcome you when you visit the Luxembourg Ardennes. The Nature Park offers cycling, hiking, fishing, horse riding, and other outdoor activities. These allow the enthusiastic visitors to enjoy the forests and see picturesque villages. This is definitely the best place to go to if you want to take things slow and easy. Families visit here for picnics or walks and enjoy being away from the busy life in the city.



Take Stunning Photos in Place de la Constitution

Boulevard Roosevelt, Luxembourg

The Place de la Constitution overlooks the Petrusse Valley and the Adolphe Bridge. This is also the ideal spot for those who want to take stunning shots of the city. The place is significant for numerous reasons, for one – in its center stands the Golden Lady monument or the “Gelle Fra”. The monument is plated in gold and was built to commemorate those who died during the World War 1. However, it was taken by the Nazis in 1940. After Germany’s defeat in 1945, it was re-erected and has become the symbol of freedom and resistance.


Experience some Thrill with Horse-Riding

15, route de Lultzhausen

L-9650 Esch-sur-Sûre

Take the chance to discover the magnificent region of Haute-Sûre Lake by trying horse-riding. You can find many stables in the city of Luxembourg that offer great packages for an hour or a day to learn this activity. Horse riding will certainly be a memorable experience and might be one of the reasons why you would love to go back to city again.



Luxembourg is a charming and diverse city with distinct features that make it extremely unique and unforgettable. There is also an abundance of natural riches in the city, a well-preserved culture, some of the most beautiful attractions and landmarks, and the most exciting activities to try.

Whether it’s a holiday or just a regular day, locals and tourists get the benefit of having so many things to enjoy.  These will not only entertain them, but they learn more about the city and appreciate what it has to offer. All these things and more are enough reasons to make the city of Luxembourg the next getaway destination.



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