6 Geneva Tourist Attractions Worth your Time

Geneva is the second most populated city in Switzerland with over 180,000 people. It is situated on the Lac Leman or Lake Geneva and divided by Rhone River. Geneva is a picturesque city where you can see numerous attractive bridges over the river. It is also an administrative, financial, and cultural center – being home to more than two hundred international organizations such as the United Nations. A visit to the city will let you experience a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere, one that attracts the most number of visitors around the world. Fun, entertainment, and attractions in Geneva never run out. There are so many to see and try, make sure that you already have some in mind. If not, here are some of the best and worth- seeing attractions in the city of Geneva.



Time-worthy Attractions in Geneva


Geneva Flower Clock

Général-Guisan Street, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland

The Geneva Flower Clock is located in the Jardin Anglais. There are flower gardens and the clock has different colors. This is situated not to far from Lake Geneva and has been there since 1955. The clock symbolizes the capabilities of technology in Switzerland and environmental art. It is also a center of attention for tourists and many locals go here for relaxation. Around the location of this clock, arts and cultural performances are often held, so you might witness some during your visit.



The Reformation Wall

Address: Promenade des Bastions 1, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland

This massive wall pays homage to the 16th century Calvinist Reformation. The four 15-foot central figures are the Reformation leaders of Geneva: John Calvin, John, Knox, Théodor de Bèze, and William Farel. The smaller figures are Oliver Cromwell of Great Britain, Roger Williams, the leader of Puritans in America, and William of the Orange of Netherlands. At the top of this monument you will see the words in Latin “Post Tenebras Lux”, which means “After the darkness, light.” The four giant statues are a reminder of the city’s significant role in the history of religion.



Jardin Botanique

Address: Chemin de l’Impératrice 1, Chambésy, Geneva, 1292, Switzerland

This is a world-renowned Botanical Garden created by the botanist A P de Candolle in 1817. The 28-hectare garden was relocated to its current site in 1904. It has a pond with aquatic plants, greenhouses with tropical plants from different continents, a garden of the senses, an arboretum, a rose garden, park with rare animals, aviary, herbarium collection, an extensive library, and a research laboratory. In total, the Botanical gardens has 16,000 different species from all around the world.



Jet d’Eau Fountain

Address: Quai Gustave-Ador, 1207 Genèva, Switzerland

This Fountain of Lakeside is well-enjoyed by people as it is relaxing during the day and romantic at night.  The fountain can be seen from the edge of Lake Geneva and considered to be the symbol of the city. During weekends, the area around Lake Geneva is crowded with tourists and residents sitting on benches, taking pictures, and enjoying the view of the water reaching 140 meters into the sky.




Address: Route de Meyrin 385, 1217 Meyrin, Switzerland

If you have great interest in Science, the CERN will be worth your time. This is the place where the internet was born 20 years ago. This is also where 10,000 physicists spent so much time trying to unlock the Big Bang and the secrets of the world. CERN is based in Geneva and the world’s largest laboratory in terms of particle physics. Enter and be in a new dimension with its impressive emblem and the Globe of Science and Innovation. This is definitely worth-visiting and free of charge.



Maison Tavel

Address: Rue du Puits-St-Pierre 6, Old Town, Geneva, 1204, Switzerland

This 12th century property is the oldest private house in the city of Geneva. It was rebuilt after a fire in 1334 and remained a fascinating example of the city’s medieval architecture.  It has six floors that showcase Genevois living from the 14th-19th century.  Don’t miss the chance to see the relief map in the attic showing how Geneva city looked like before the defensive walls were destroyed in 1850, as well as the original 12th century vaulted cellars. The museum also hosts some temporary exhibitions.



Geneva is a multi-faceted city that has everything a metropolis can offer, with a global reputation for luxury shopping, finance, and diverse ethnicity. Sightseeing in the city of Geneva is always a religious, cultural, historic, and natural attraction galore. These things are just within or very near to the city, making it possible for people to visit and experience them. It’s important to have enough time when planning to explore the city as there are too many things waiting for you and you definitely don’t want to miss the best ones.



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