6 Luxembourg Attractions Worth Seeing

Luxembourg is a small country, yet the richest in Europe. It is full of tourist attractions and delivers considerable diversity, which paved the way for its inclusion in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. From the vibrant city of Luxembourg to its small beautiful towns, there are numerous things that will keep travelers busy. The city is also very easy to explore, whether on foot or on a driving tour. Luxembourg is surrounded by old fortresses and chateaus that perfectly compliment the scene, making it one of the most visited destinations in Europe. It also has a great list of the most worth-seeing attractions that will make every visit worthwhile.



The 6 Best Attractions in Luxembourg


  1. National Art and History Museum

Address: Marche-aux-Poissons, L-2345 Luxembourg

This art and history museum has more than 120 rooms containing archaeological finds, tools, furniture, documents, and other objects of art that show the history and life of the city, from the prehistoric period until today.  The museum emphasizes Luxembourg life during the Gallo-Roman period by illustrating the social, artistic, religious, material, and intellectual life of the people of Luxembourg from the 16th– 20th century.


In the section for Fine Arts you will see old paintings and sculptures such as the “Chariy” by Florentine mannerist Rosso. On the other hand, the Contemporary Art section houses the works of some of the most important artists in the 20th century. This is the best place to visit if you want to learn more about the rich history of the city.



  1. The Vianden Castle

Address: Montée du Château, 9408 Vianden, Luxembourg

This is among the most popular, beautiful, and largest feudal residence of the Gothic period in the whole of Europe. Vianden is one of the largest castles located in the west of the Rhine. It was built back in the 10th century and considered to be a top tourist attraction in the city of Luxembourg, the view is simply beautiful and breathtaking. Don’t leave the city without having a picture of the castle.



  1. The Butterfly Garden

Address: Grevenmacher, Luxembourg

This is another famous and beautiful attraction in Luxembourg, which is worth adding to your list. A visit to the butterfly garden guarantees a memorable tour, especially when visiting with the family. The garden boasts its beautiful plants and butterflies and their amazing birth from the pupa stage. Be aware, however, that it is open only between the months of April and October.



  1. The Walls of the Corniche

Address: Chemin de la Corniche L – 1339 Luxembourg

The pedestrian promenade is considered “Europe’s most beautiful balcony” and the big Gate of the Grund. On its left, you will see the ramparts reveal some aristocratic houses and refuges. On the other end is the convent of the Dominicans and St. Michael’s church. It was built by the Spanish and French in the 17th century, although its old fortifications were dismantled in accordance with the Treaty of London in 1860s. The majority of the wall was taken down; however it revealed a stunning panoramic view of the Petrusse, the Grund, and Alzette Valleys.



  1. The Bock Casemates

Address: Montée de Clausen, Luxembourg

Price: adult/child €3/2.50

It is a 21 km network of underground passages hewn from the solid rock by the Spaniards between 1737 and 1746. The entrance going to the casemate is at the Bock Cliff. Over the years, the casemates sheltered thousands of defenders and kept everything from horses, equipment, slaughterhouses, bakeries, kitchens, and workshops for artillery.



  1. The Grand Ducal Palace

Address: 17 Rue du Marché-aux-Herbes, Luxembourg

Price: €7 (With guided tour only)

The Grand Ducal Palace which was built between 1572 and 1574 is located in the center of Luxembourg City.  It is another major attraction and the representative residence of the Grand Duke. This is the perfect example of Spanish Renaissance architecture. Visiting the palace will allow you to witness the renowned Luxembourg military as they perform ceremonial duties on the grounds. The best time to visit is from July 15th– September 2nd as the interior is open for the public during these dates.



Luxembourg is an extremely attractive country with so much to offer, from its green and picturesque landscapes, hills and valleys, to historical sites and large number of castles. The country has plenty of surprises to offer to travelers who visit to learn more about its richness in different aspects, to explore, and have fun. There’s no time to waste in Luxembourg with all its attractions waiting to be discovered. Regardless of the reason for the visit, it is always worth the time to have a stop in this beautiful city in Europe.




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