A Guide to Lake Lucerne Cruises

The city of Lucerne in Switzerland is brimming with fascinating sights, smells, and sounds, while its surrounding area is filled with some of the most breathtaking and exciting day-trips in the entire country of Switzerland. Having a cruise on the quiet and calm lake Lucerne will be the greatest escape from the bustle of the city life. Lake Lucerne is in the center of Switzerland and considered to be the most beautiful when it comes to cruising experience. It is also the fourth largest lake and surrounded by the stunning views and dramatic peaks of Mt. Rigi and Mt. Pilatus. When in Lucerne, there are so many scenic cruises to try that will absolutely complete the entire experience in the best way possible.



Must-Try Lake Lucerne Cruises



Paddlewheel Streamer Cruise

This sightseeing cruise departs from and returns to Lucerne. This is designed to provide a special kind of experience to travelers. The cruise lasts for three and a half hours and some of the highlights are the meeting of three paddle streamers and the parallel cruising through the “Nas” narrows along with a music program. The cruise includes the view of the KKL Lucerne concert hall, the Richard Wagner Museum, and the views of the steep rocky cliffs of Bürgenstock. For the food, they mainly serve Swiss appetizers and Rösti dishes.


Sunset Cruise by Paddle Streamer

This cruise takes place daily from May 26- Sept 9. This will allow you to see the view of the sun setting over the beautiful Mount Pilatus while the boat slowly glides over the peaceful water of Lake Lucerne. You will also enjoy the vintage atmosphere while having a meal in the ornate salon or a few drinks on one of their deck chairs. The selection for their menu rotates weekly.


Breakfast on a Steamboat

From May 26- Sept 9 you can start your day by having a hearty breakfast while onboard one of the historic paddle streamers. The cruise will take you to the Beckenried and back. This includes the views of the scenic Bay of Lucerne, Mount Rigi, and the Bürgenstock.



Lake Uri Lunch Cruise- Vier Waldstättersee

The best lunchtime will be the one spent on one of the most spectacular parts of the Lake Lucerne. Lake Uri is the easternmost bay of the lake that stretches from Brunnen to Flüelen. The Bay is shaped by towering peaks and steep cliffs. While on this cruise, you will experience being in the historic cradle of Switzerland and in the heart of the Alps. This lunch cruise is definitely one of the most attractive ways to discover the stunning part of Central Switzerland while having a satisfying meal.


Thai Cruise- Vier Waldstättersee

If you are a fan of Thai cuisine, this cruise will be perfect for you. Try this enchanting evening cruise in spring and experience the fragrant and fabulous flavors of Thai food that captivates people across the world. They have some of the best exotic delicacies combined with stunning scenery of the lake. This is the kind of combination you won’t easily find elsewhere.



Lunch Cruise from Lucerne- Vier Waldstättersee

Whatever midday rush you have, get away from it for a while and enjoy a tranquil lunch cruise. You can perfectly relax with this one while in the middle of the natural splendor of the Alps and a refined meal is served to you. Treat yourself with some of their sumptuous salad before having the main course. You can select from their chef’s recommendation for the day or prefer to dine a la carte. The highlights in their menu are fish, meat, and vegetarian specialties.



A cruise across the breathtaking lake of Lucerne on a summer’s day is without a doubt a great experience. Along the way, you can’t help but admire nature’s beauty at its best, the idyllic bays, gently rolling meadows, and the scenic cliffs. These and more make the lake one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lucerne that you should never miss to see. A cruise to the Lake Lucerne is a great way to relax, enjoy, and get to more about Lucerne.



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