Apartments to Rent in Accra, Ghana

A way to find short term rentals in Accra, Ghana quicker and easier is available to you through this page. The page offers you a chance to view, see, analyze and foremost book the private rentals in Accra which are listed here in a time-saving fashion. It also offers you the chance to find out additional information about Accra before coming and seeing it firsthand.



Accra short term rental

Apartment in Accra to let. Available from 50 EUR per night.


Short Stays in Accra


Accra is one of the biggest cities in Africa and certainly one of the most visited ones. Tourists from Africa and Europe visit this city and the best way to stay here is renting some of the short stay apartments listed on the page. There are many ways to stay in Accra, Ghana for a few weeks or less. One of them is by renting a private room.

This type of accommodation allows you to have your own privacy while you stay and enjoy the comfort which is arranged for you. All of the temporary accommodations in Accra are owned by owners from the city, and in some cases you will share the housing with them. There is an option of renting a private room in Accra , which is just for you, but sharing other parts of the house like the living room, kitchen and the bathroom with your hosts.

You may see how affordable these flats in Accra are if we say that a private housing costs around 20 euros in Accra. Other options include a whole house to rent, an option often chosen by a larger group or a family.


Accra house to rent

House to rent in Accra. From 91 EUR per day.


There are some great holiday homes in Accra  situated in some of its very quiet parts. The most popular ones are those which are surrounded with nature. There are a few great studios for rent in Accra that are near beautiful gardens that represent a nice and a safe place for your child to play. This of course means that these types of vacation rentals in Accra are listed as appropriate for children and family friendly.

Self-catering accommodations are also offered. They allow you to bring your own food with you or buy it in some of the stores and bring it back, while the fully arranged kitchen is reserved for you to use it to cook that food for you. It is very appropriate for families and also for preparing carry on food if you plan to spend the day out. But if you stay with a family or a host, there is an option of choosing a bed and breakfast service which is included in the price.

We have condos for rent all over the Accra, so you’ll be able to find a place to stay wherever you want. Now you can browse through the offer of apartments in Accra, look at photos, compare prices and choose your place to stay for a few days!



More Info About Accra


Accra is the largest and capital city of the African country of Ghana. It has an estimated population of 2.2 million people living in it according to the census conducted in 2012. Besides being the country’s capital, it is also the capital of the regions in which it is situated, the Greater Accra Region and the Accra Metropolitan District.

The story about Accra is that it was firstly built around the port and was the former capital of the British Gold Coast. During the years the city expanded and grew into a modern metropolis. This growth could be seen through the city’s architecture and infrastructure which spans from 19th century buildings to modern skyscrapers.


Accra is considered as one of the premier educational centers of Africa, which can be seen from the numbers of universities situated here, with the University of Ghana being the most popular one. Other universities include the Regional Maritime University, the Islamic University College, Ghana Telecom University College, Regent University College of Science and Technology and many more.

Being a tourist hub of the country it also features some pretty great attractions, like the Accra International Conference Centre, the National Theatre, the National Museum, the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, the Du Bois Centre houses and much more.


Marketplace in Accra, Ghana

Marketplace in Accra, Ghana




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