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This page was created to help you find a suitable short term rental for your vacation in Alamo Square, San Francisco. There is an abundance of furnished temporary housing just waiting for you and we intend to help you with that via our webpage. All the rentals are owned by friendly local people who will help you with any information you might need and tips on how to experience this neighbourhood in the best way possible.


bright Alamo Square Apartment

Bright apartment in Alamo Square for rent. From $175 per night.


There is over one hundred rentals at your disposal in Alamo Square, San Francisco and that means you won’t have to worry about finding one that is in accordance with your preferences. For those who intend to visit San Francisco there is a plenty of private rooms in Alamo Square neighbourhood, as well as bed & breakfast arrangements.

These are the most affordable options. When it comes to smaller groups, an interesting option is to rent an entire flat in Alamo Square, San Francisco. As there are flats with two, three or more bedrooms, renting a flat is an excellent thing even if you are coming with a numerous family or generally a large group of people. Though, in case you want a great level of comfort and liberty, renting an entire house in Alamo Square, San Francisco is the way to go as it’ll give you the most regarding those conditions.

Certainly, you can also count on numerous amenities, the list of which depends on the short term rental you choose. Among others, the amenities available are Wi-Fi Internet access, TV, free parking on the premises, kid-friendly accommodation and many more.


Alamo Square amazing apartment

Amazing apartment in Alamo Square to rent. From $245 per night.


About Alamo Square


Alamo Square, San Francisco

Alamo Square, San Francisco


Representing a park and a residential neighbourhood in San Francisco, California, this part of the city has many architecturally interesting buildings and mansions, built in Victorian architectural style which gives it a special flavor. Alamo Square Park also includes a tennis court and a playground and from it’s center, on a clear day, you can see the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge.

There is also a line of Victorian houses on Steiner Street which gained a nickname “Painted Ladies” which are often featured in television shows, movies and commercials filmed in this neighbourhood, as well as buildings such as Archbishop’s Mansion and the residences of the German and Russian Imperial consuls which were built at the start of 20th century which are worth taking a look at.