Find Your Short Term Rental in Albania

The country of Albania has been reliving a rebirth of tourism and has started to become an attractive setting and location for many visiting people. As the tourist community has been expanding so has been the private renting opportunities in Albania. This page has assumed the purpose of a facilitator between the owners of those places and you the tourist or renters.

The page has a few hundred short term rentals in Albania located in its many cities and tourist resorts which this country is now full of. Starting with the smallest and ending with the largest and the luxurious accommodation, Albania has certainly a large selection which it offers to all of its visitors. The small flats which are very comfy and useful are great for short term stays of single or small group visitors.

On the other hand, smaller groups may feel more pleasant by staying in serviced apartments. They include more space and have amenities which the flats do not offer. Bed and breakfast studios are also available on Albania and include a meal during the stay.


Larger accommodations in Albania are booked by families or groups of people who are coming to spend a fun and entertaining vacation in the country. Lease places like holiday homes or large vacation rentals that have amenities like a furnished kitchen, a washing room and more bedrooms which will up the standards of your stay and allow you to spend any type of vacation comfortably.

But the highest comfort is offered by luxurious villas. Most of them are situated close to the beach front and will give you the best way to spend your holiday. You may pay a little bit more for them but it is a lot more in terms of comfort. The amenities included are also very exclusive and are some which other places do not feature.


Albania happens to be one of the most beautiful places for tourism in South Eastern Europe. It offers breathtaking sceneries along the Adriatic and the Ionian coast. The place is famous for its views and picturesque scenes which are composed of beaches, medieval castles and sandy coastlines spanning through thousands of miles.

The country is very rich in culture, so you should see archaeological and ancient findings in its many parts. These are some of the key factors that make Albania a popular place in this part of the world.


Albania Beach

Beautiful beach somewhere in Albania


Should I Book a Hotel, or There is an Alternative?


Albania is all set to attract travelers who are looking to spend their vacations in an exotic country. Hence, if you are planning a short time visit to this magnificent place it will be best to avoid small hotel rooms and opt for vacation rentals, instead. Local property owners will be happy to host you in their short term rentals.

Many spaces available for rent can be found on popular websites where you will find accommodation that is very affordable and comfortable. Our website can be very helpful if you are looking for some exquisite bed and breakfast or villas with  fully-equipped kitchens and other amenities.


Studio Bellavista - Available in Albania

Studio Bellavista, Albania. From 15 EUR per day


While in the comfort of your home, you can book one of furnished houses in Albania. Sometimes the interiors of available rooms have been designed by professionals, but more often apartments look traditional. Whichever rental you choose for your short stay, we are sure you’ll be satisfied.

So, if you are planning to visit Albania with your family as a tourist or coming for some work, websites that offer apartments and houses are the best way to book your villa near the beach.



Safety in Albania


is Albania safe for tourists? If you are concerned about your safety in Albania, you should read this article:



What Time Zone is Albania?


Albania is in the Central European time zone. +1 Hour.



Albanian Folklore


Here is the video of interesting Albanian folk dance. Enjoy it!



Most Important Archaeological Sites in Albania


The present day Albania is a country where you can find many archaeological sites that are of big importance for Albanian tourism. There are many ancient Greek amphitheatres, Roman basilicas, Byzantine Orthodox churches, Otoman buildings. Here are some photos of them:


Greek Amphitheatre in Albania

Greek Amphitheatre in Albania


Byzantine Basilica in Butrint, Albania

Byzantine Basilica in Butrint


Roman Gymnasium, Butrint - Albania

Roman Gymnasium, Butrint


Greek Orthodox Church in Berat, Albania

Greek Orthodox Church in Berat