Apartments to Rent in Algiers

Opportunities from short term rentals in Algiers, Algeria are numerous, which one can see through this page. This is a perfect place to find these types of accommodation and its purpose is to present them much closer to you. It also provides additional info about the area and the city which might come in handy when visiting Algiers, Algeria.


Algiers apartment for rent

Apartment to rent in Algiers. From €18 per night.


Short Stay Rentals in Algiers


Algiers, a city which is a mixture of modern and traditional, offers just that in terms of short stay apartments. Temporary housings in Algiers include some very modern and exquisitely arranged rentals with various amenities or ones which are furnished in a typical Algerian style which might be appealing to people who appreciate finding out more about a new culture.

Modern studios for rent in Algiers include apartments and flats which are either situated in the central part of the city or in the part which is closer to the sea. Centrally located lets in Algiers are close to everything while the ones closer to the sea are great for when you want to visit some of the beaches.

There are vacation rentals in Algiers which are equipped with flat screen TVs and cable, while every one of them has a direct or WFi internet connection. Besides being luxuriously furnished, some of these types of private rentals (such villas) have the ability of housing multiple people at once so a family or a group of friend can easily be accommodated.


Traditional self-catering accommodations in Algiers are situated near or in the old town of Algiers, Algeria. They include private rooms or holiday homes in Algiers which are furnished with wonderful furniture which resembles the Algerian culture. You also have the opportunity to share an accommodation with some of the locals.

Many of the hosts rent a private room from their own house to tourists, while allowing them access to other parts of the house where the visitor may have the use of the kitchen or perhaps the living room. The advantage of leasing a shared temporary housing in Algiers is that it is much cheaper, because the prices in Algiers range between 10 and 30 euros per night for such.

Some will even throw in a breakfast included within the price, so it would be like you are booking a bed and breakfast lease. Check the offer of flats available to rent in Algiers and choose your ideal place to spend a few days or a city break in this city!


Algiers traditional house

Traditional house in Algiers to let. From €35 per day.


More Info About Algiers


Algiers is the largest and the capital city of Algeria, Africa. Situated on the west side of a bay of the Mediterranean Sea, it counts more than 3,574,000 people. The nickname of the city is Algiers the White because when you view the city from the sea a number of white buildings are visible, making it an attractive and also a modern picture of the city.

Algiers is divided into the modern and old part, with the newly built part being besides or close to the see and being in sea level, while the older part, or the ancient city of the dyes, is situated behind the modern part some 122 meters above sea level.


The highest peak of that part of the city is the Casbah or citadel. The Casbah was actually built on the ruins of old coliseum. Local architecture is also somewhat attractive and many people visit this city to see it. Because of many periods and different rules of this country the city features different styles out of which the dominant is the British style foremost.

Buildings in this style include the Roman Catholic cathedral of Notre Dame d’Afrique, the Bardo Museum, the Ketchaoua Mosques and many more. The Great Mosque is the oldest mosque in Algeria and was built by Yusuf ibn Tashfin back in 1097.

Popular monuments of the city include the Monument des Martyrs, the El Jedid mosque, the Grand Post Office, the Place of the Emir Abdelkader, the Jardin d’essai, Villa Abd-el-Hai and Riadh El-Feth.



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