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On this page you can find the list of short term apartments in Andorra together with some basic information about the country. Inform yourself about available private accommodations and take a look on accommodation options in Andorra.



Information About Short Term Rentals in Andorra


Although a small country and gradually unappealing country of tourist traffic, Andorra brings more to the table than people may think. Its numerous historical sites account for the outbreak of tourism activity in this country, and we cannot leave out the people who come here for various other reasons may they be business like or any other type.

For those reasons this page acts as a great help because it brings you close to the private renters who have placed their private accommodations on this page and made them available to all visitors of Andorra. You are now capable of easily finding short term rentals in Andorra via this page, and it will only take you a few minutes spent here.

We are offering you different kinds of accommodations in Andorra, starting from the smallest kind and those for single visitors to whole groups of people and even families.


Rental apartment in Andorra with amenities

Cozy apartment for rent in Andorra – from 50 EUR per night!


Very nicely furnished studios can be found in Andorra, or any kind of different types of short term stays. The hosts tend to give as comfortable stay as possible so these accommodation rentals come furnished with various sorts of amenities which make the stay of an average visitor very convenient.

Included in our offer are some bed and breakfast accommodations in Andorra, which offer you a way to save your money on meals because you do not have to make your own breakfast. But if you would rather have a place which allows you to prepare your own meals, choose a self-catering rental in Andorra for a very low price.

Besides being cheap, these places include a fully arranged kitchen which can be used for preparing different kinds of meals. If you want to spend a luxurious stay, on the other hand, try browsing through the list and find a luxury short stay villa or condo in Andorra and spend a truly remarkable stay here.


You can easily find accommodation on this website. There are many people in Andorra that offer bed and breakfast services, so you can book one of them online before your trip. There are many other short term holiday rentals such chalets or single rooms that are great choice if you travel alone. Cheap and affordable houses and villas that are available to rent will make your visit enjoyable and comfy. Book today your short stay space and discover Andorra!



Learn More About Andorra Before Your Trip


Andorra is a small countryside that boasts mountains. It is located between big countries – Spain and France. Andorra is completely landlocked and surrounded, so the only way of entry or exit is via Spain and France.

Andorra is known among travelers interested in winter sports such as skiing. Thus, if you are all set to discover this land and its remarkable skiing experience then waste no time. If you are planning a short stay visit to Andorra then cultural festivals are must to experience. In addition to this, the landscape will be a refreshing experience. Camping, hiking, walking- all of them are a part of the great tourist experience.


A beautiful view and tower in Andorra

A tower in Andorra