Antananarivo Apartments to Let

A variety of very interesting short term rentals in Antananarivo, Madagascar are listed on this page. The page’s primary purpose is to bring these short stay apartments closer to its potential tenants and it does so directly through this page by providing all the data needed to do so. The page could also be used as information tool about the city which you are about to visit.


Antananarivo apartment

Apartment to rent in Antananarivo. From €60 per night.


What to Know Before Rent an Apartment in Antananarivo


A vacation to Antananarivo is a very interesting way to spend your time and relive new adventures. While hotels offer a wide array of accommodation opportunities, we advise you to consider some short lets first. Opposed to the hotel rooms, these temporary rentals in Antananarivo offer you a chance to save your money and a way to keep your vacation budget in balance.

Owned by private owners from the city of Antananarivo, private apartments for rent will satisfy your needs in terms of comfort, amenities offered and perfect locations. The cost of studio renting in Antananarivo ranges from 20 euros a night to some 80 euros a night of stay.


From this information you can immediately determine that you will get a bargain from trying this way of staying in a foreign country. Types of leases offered include flats and apartments located conveniently and arranged neatly. The serviced apartments can house from a single to a small group of 4 to 5 visitors at once, all depending on which apartment you choose. There are some in the central of the city which feature amenities like cable TV and full Wi Fi services.


Antananarivo Private room

Private room to let in Antananarivo. From €25 per day.


There are some vacation rentals in Antananarivo which can support a stay of a family or a larger group. The ones which are deemed for families are listed as suitable for families and are safe for children. Whole homes like this are situated in quiet neighborhoods and have a large back garden for your child to play.

Some even allow access to pets so your son or daughter can bring along their favorite pet. Holiday homes suitable for larger groups are situated in modern or urban parts of the town. They have two or three bedrooms and are completely arranged to sustain a stay of around 10 people. They also include a fully serviced kitchen and are listed as self-catering.


Bed and breakfast services in Antananarivo are also offered by some hosts and will allow you to save time which you could have lost by preparing a meal every day. Other services which you may look for include a private parking, a doorman in front of the building and cleaning services. Check out the list of available condos in Antananarivo, compare prices and photos and make a booking online!



About Antananarivo


Antananarivo, Madagascar

Antananarivo, Madagascar


Antananarivo is the capital city of the island country of Madagascar, Africa. Formally known as Tananarive, the city is located in the Analamanga Region and is a home to 2 million people. It is centrally located in the middle of the island and is approximately 1,280 m above sea level. In this city, due to its colonial periods, there is a clash of different cultures throughout the periods of this country.

The cultural and historical heritage present here is a mark of different periods of the city and represents the social image of the city and its inhabitants. Some of the landmarks of the city are Rova Manjakamiadana, the Andafiavaratra Palace, the Tsimbazaza Zoo and churches built to commemorate Malagasy Christians.


The art scene here is very interesting and lively. The town is a center for music and features a large number of cabarets, concert halls and dance clubs. The biggest spots are the Antsahamanitra amphitheater and the Mahamasina Stadium, which are the city’s most prominent musical venue spots.

The Palais des Sports in the Mahamasina is the main place and the only spot which features venues of international magnitude and is the city’s only indoor space meant for performances of different kinds. Nightlife is also a big factor of the city and many people from other countries who have come here have enjoyed it very much.

The best areas where the most popular clubs are situated are Tsaralalana, Mahamasina, Antaninarenina, Andohalo and Behoririka.



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