Short Stay Apartments in Argentina

If you are looking for short term rentals in Argentina, this is the right place to find one and book it easily. Take a look at the wide range of private apartments and room available for rent!


Mar del Plata Flat

Flat in Mar del Plata available for rent – from 60 EUR per night!


Want to have a few days around the beautiful land of this country? Then you must be in need of some affordable temporary accommodation. With a fluctuating economy, Argentina is a difficult place to search for some cheaply priced lodging facilities, and that too if you like to have well furnished self-catering flats. Here you can find some quality short stays at affordable prices.


Argentina Condo For Rent

Rent a condo in Villa Las Rosas, Argentina – from 44 EUR per day!


Available to lease, these vacation rentals include holiday houses, luxury villas, modern apartments and late rooms for your comfortable stay. Have your problem of food and lodging solved with the bed and breakfast package. If you are on a business trip you can have the nightly and weekly condo for rent. In a way, these short term leases in Argentina make your stay both comfortable and will also save a good amount of money.


Argentina Private Apartment For Rent

2 Bedrooms apartment for rent in Buenos Aires, Argentina – from 59 EUR per night!


What You Should Know About Argentina


A country with a fascinating history behind itself, a country with a legacy of great football and football legends and a country where the world’s farthest inhabited cities in the southern hemisphere, Argentina stands along the Andes and South Atlantic Ocean.

With beautiful Buenos Aires as the state capital, the whole country is still very much attached with nature. There are many nature reserves in the country, where you can see penguins and whales. Skiing is popular over the slopes of Andes.



Other Popular Places in Argentina:



Mar del Plata Beach, Argentina

Mar del Plata Beach, Argentina



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