Apartments For Rent In Armenia

On this page you’ll find all information about apartments for rent in Armenia. We have dozens of available short term rentals in this country and all of them are owned by locals. Read more about accommodation in Armenia and make an online booking.



Where to Stay While in Armenia?


So if you are all set to visit Armenia in your upcoming vacations then the best way to deal with your accommodation issues is to find a short term rental. Being a tourist’s country, there are many people who are looking to rent out their properties to travelers. The country boasts villas that are wonderfully furnished as well as the comfortable vacation rentals and flats for visitors.


 Apartment to rent in Armenia. From 20 EUR per night.

Apartment to rent in Armenia. From 20 EUR per night.


As a former Soviet country Armenia, at first glance, does not offer much to an average tourist. But this belief is in reality very wrong, since the country of Armenia offers you a widespread of natural beauties, marvelous mountains and one of the most modern capital cities in this part of Europe.

We are offering you a way to see all of the sites and explore the adventure that the country of Armenia has to offer. The private homes offered here represent an alternative way of spending your trip to Armenia without the fuss of finding an appropriate hotel room. You will be renting from and staying with some of the local people from various Armenian cities and will also enjoy the luxury of their self-catering apartments.

You will be able to rent budget short term accommodation in Armenia at very affordable prices which cannot be compared with the prices of the hotels found here. You can rent accommodation in Armenia of different kinds, size and locations.


Serviced apartments are particularly popular for urban zones and modern areas of some of the Armenian cities. Studios are available which are completely furnished and allow you to enjoy a very convenient stay with us. Accommodation in Armenia allows you versatility, by offering you different ways and apartment rentals.

Those who want to spend their trip here with their families are welcomed to try some holiday homes. These whole houses to rent are very popular with groups or friends or other larger visiting groups. It is like renting a personal house because all the conveniences and advantages of a home are available to you.

Some will even offer amenities like an internet connection or air conditioning systems while other hosts give you services which include bed and breakfast or free parking services.



Learn More About Armenia


Armenia is a culturally rich country and has something to offer. Yerevan is the capital city of the country. For museum and art lovers the place hosts a number of museums and exhibition. In addition, the country has the finest of ancient cathedrals, forts and churches, monasteries, etc.

If you are an avid mountain climber then choose Armenia as your next holiday destination. There are many programs held here regularly for everyone. So be part of the team of a truly joyous experience that is cheap on the pocket. Tourists who are bird lovers also prefer to visit Armenia for the bird species found here. Many of those species are quite distinct.


Mother Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin, Armenia

Mother Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin, Armenia


Many of the houses available online are located in the heart of towns. This means that you’ll be able to access a number of places easily. Basic amenities such stores, markets, churches, etc. are often located in centres of towns. Armenia offers a complete range of affordable and wonderful bed and breakfast from small to a large room. Take a look and find a short stay rental that is available for rent.



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