Short Stay Apartments in Asia

Enjoy a nice holiday in one of the short term rentals in Asia listed on this page. Here you have a variety of ways of finding multiple places to stay in different countries and places on the Asian continent. All the necessary info and information about the places themselves and the area you will be renting a late room from is available here.


Beirut, apartment

Apartment to let in Beirut. From €153 per night.


The Asian continent gives you a chance to visit some of the most exotic and attractive places on Earth. It has some of the most interesting sites in the world, gives you a chance to explore different cultures and has some of the most modern cities and metropolis in the world.

It actually goes to the extremes, from the very traditional and small places to some of the most developed cities in the world like Hong Kong, Phnom Penh and Singapore. Although it has been a cradle of culture and many technical innovation during the history it is a very underrated area.


Nevertheless, Asia attracts its fair share of visitors who come here not only for tourist and sightseeing reasons, but for business trips as well. For those reasons, the private renters all over Asia and its towns have made their short term stays available to you through this page, making it that much easier for you to find and select a place which will be your temporary home during the time of your stay.

A range of options are given to you, whether you are visiting alone or with a small or larger group, the offers are multiple and we are sure that there is one which will appeal to your taste and will fit your needs. You can find some very nice flats or studios in each city, some of them in the very center of it. There are bed and breakfast accommodations available as well, giving you a chance to enjoy a meal each morning before you embark on your Asian adventure.


Phnom Penh apartment

Apartment in Phnom Penh for rent. From 50 EUR per night.


Serviced apartments are furnished with better amenities and have more space and can be used by couples or smaller groups. Asian metropolis offer self-catering accommodations with the fastest internet connection and some of the more modern short stays offer completely new additional amenities which will entertain you during your stay.

You can even bring your whole family with you and enjoy the holiday together. Here there are some very nicely furnished holiday homes which will house a whole family or a larger group very easily. The advantage of these places is that they have more bedrooms, making the sleeping arrangement much easier and have a large kitchen where you can prepare your meals.

The greatest advantage is that these large vacation rentals serve the function as a basic household. Additionally, you have the opportunity of renting some of the more luxurious short stay accommodations. Villas are in high demand these days and those listed in Asia can be leased at a very affordable price on this page.


Stylish apartment for rent in Hong Kong; from $75 per night!

Stylish apartment for rent in Hong Kong. From 63 EUR per day!


Now places to stay in some of the most attractive and popular Asian cities like Tel Aviv, Beirut and Hanoi are available to you. People who have found it difficult to find places to stay in some of the modern cities of Asia are now here for you.

Even stays in smaller and less popular places are easier and by browsing through the list of short stay accommodations in the Asian continent, you will be able to find affordable places to stay for a really cheap price.

Some of the most popular cities in Asia where you can find furnished apartments are:

BeijingShanghai, Dubai, Bangkok, Phuket, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Langkawi, Manila. Find a temporary housing in countries like:

If you cannot find the place you want to stay in on the list of available places simply devise your search and make your search pattern and we are certain that you will find one, or just simply type in the desired country in the search engine.



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