Short Stays For Rent in Asmara

People interested in short term rentals in Asmara, Eritrea should try and find them on this page. The page gives out accurate and quality information about the rentals listed in this city. It is actually its primary goal, with the second being informing you about the city of Asmara and its history.


Asmara Chalet

Chalet to rent in Asmara. From €47 per night.


Private Accommodation in Asmara


Asmara is one of the places in the world which is becoming more popular to visit. So there are no many opportunities in finding a suitable accommodation in the city. But currently a way of renting short stays in Asmara has arisen and we are offering it to you through this page. The page offers vacation rentals in Asmara, Eritrea for a budget price.

The private apartments are owned by owners from the city of Asmara. They are people who wish to help foreign visitors get settled as they have also visited other countries themselves and used this way of accommodating. They have arranged their serviced apartments so they could fit the needs of different types of travelers and for different options of visiting.

The most used type of temporary accommodation in Asmara are flats and apartments. Usually meant for single use, but there are those which offer short lets for more people, so a condo with two bedrooms can quite easily be found.


Some special offers in Asmara, Eritrea are chalets and cottages. They can be found in the nature completely surrounded by trees and you can rent them per day or per week. They are entire homes for rent and can be leased for a price between 50 euros per night to 200 euros a night.

The difference is between the people a temporary housing of this sorts can house and the appliances and the amenities included in it. The cheapest self catering accommodation in Eritrea can house up to 4 people, with everybody feeling comfortable, while the largest one can accommodate 12 people and includes the entire property around the rental within the price.

All of them are equipped with furnished kitchen and listed as self-catering accommodations which means that you can bring your own food or buy it and prepare it by yourself any way you like.



Some Info About Asmara


Asmara, capital of Eritrea

Asmara, capital of Eritrea


Asmara is a city located in the country of Eritrea, Africa of which is its largest settlement and town and also at the same time its capital. The city counts around 649,000 people living in it and is more accurately located in the northwestern part of the Eritrean highlands. The region where Asmara is situated is called Maekel Region.

Asmara is characterized by being built in a colonial Italian modern architecture which many people find interesting upon visit. Interestingly, the city has also a quite large population of Italian Eritreans, which are Eritrean born but are descendants of the former settlers of this city.

Upon coming here there are quite a few interesting sites to see, like the Eritrean National Museum, the Art Deco Cinema Impero, Orthodox Cathedral, the Governor’s Palace built in neoclassical style, the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church and many more.

Due to its 20th century architecture and wonderful town planning, Asmara is considered as a potential UNESCO World Heritage Sites and it could be easily proclaimed as such in the near future.