Apartments For Rent in Athens, Greece

Explore this page to find short stay apartments in Athens. Here you will find a list of places to stay and all information which will enable you to choose and book your desired rental. This page is a much quicker and precise way to have a great stay.



Some Info on Short Term Apartments in Athens


A city which is considered the cradle of culture and arts- Athens receives more than its fair share of tourist. Many people, particularly from the region and the surrounding countries like to vacation here and spend their summer holidays in the city. The problem arises when the congestion of tourist make the usual means of accommodations unavailable.

But as a great help to the tourist industry, private accommodations have emerged. Short term rentals are privately owned accommodations meant for people who need a place to stay for a few days or who are on a budget and are looking for an affordable housing.


Sunny Apartment in the Center of Athens for short term

Short term rental in  Athens, in the centre – from 40 EUR per night


Athens currently has around three hundred apartments to rent and other types of rental. They are neat and beautifully furnished, allowing you to spend your holiday break in peace. All sorts of apartments are available here. You can lease a private room and stay with your host or rent a room in a larger complex just for you.

There are also flats which are situated in the city center and considered as the best position one can rent. If you want to have a luxurious stay and enjoy Athens’s landmarks and wonders at the same time, book a studio rental which includes many useful services and amenities and one which is located near a public transportation service, allowing you easy and quick access to all the parts of the city.


Since the majority of visitors in Athens are actually families who come with their children, apartment rentals can be very useful. Larger holiday homes provide a great family vacation home with a safe atmosphere for the children. Take your pick by checking out larger luxury villas or vacation rentals with double bedrooms through this page.



Learn MoreAbout Athens


Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities and situated in Greece’s Attica region. It is also the capital and the largest city of Greece. The history of Athens spans over 3.400 years and at its peak was a very powerful city in the region and Europe. Many refer to Athens as being the birthplace or the cradle of western civilization and democracy.

It was regarded as a place of learning, philosophy and arts, with Plato and Aristotle as perfect examples. Its greatest influence was during the 4th and 5th century which in a way shaped the future of the continent. The heritage left from the classical era is Athens’ greatest gift, as monuments from the old periods still stand in order to remind us of a rich and powerful country.


The Parthenon, Αthens

The Parthenon, Αthens


In Athens, one can find the remains of Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman cultures. The greatest landmark of Athens is the Acropolis of Athens, which was dubbed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Additionally, the medieval Daphni Monastery is also something which is very interesting for the newcomers to see.

Other important monuments and landmarks of Athens are the Hellenic Parliament, the National Library of Greece, the Athens Trilogy, the Academy of Athens and the Athens University. Athens is the place where the first modern Olympic Games were hosted back in 1896. It repeated the history when it hosted the 2004 Summer Olympics.



Location and Prices of Short Term Rentals in Athens


Athens is a favorite destination due to many reasons. Aside from being a place of culture, arts, and learning, it is also a great venue for relaxation. But in order to do so, you need a comfortable place to stay as you explore and discover the beauty of Athens. When in the city, or even not, rest assured that you’ll find many short term rentals around.

Such type of accommodation is the best option if you want to enjoy Athens without having to sacrifice your budget. You can find apartments, houses, condos, villas, flats, etc. at an affordable price with great amenities.


Let your heart be captured by an elegant apartment near the metro station and the bus station is only 50 meters away. It comes with amenities like washing machine, microwave oven, coffeemaker, etc. On the other hand, if you happen to be South Central of Athens, you can find a place to stay in the Nea Smyrni District, close to the Athenian river. It has Wi-Fi, shower, a balcony, and many more amenities.

Moreover, there are spacious and luxurious flats near the Neos Kos metro station and just 3mins walk to the tram that will take you to the Athens sea front. Having a holiday rental available wherever you are in Athens will your trip will not only be fun-filled, but a comfortable one.


Another great thing about vacation rentals, aside from their location, is their prices. Why book a hotel that costs a lot if you can have a more affordable one with great quality? For as low as €34 you can rent a spacious and comfortable apartment. If you can afford to spend a bit more, at €39 you can have a “home” while away from your own home that comes with the best amenities.

But for those who travel in groups or with their family, paying a price of €73 or more will be enough to cater everyone. It has better sleeping arrangements and facilities to make the stay easy and convenient. These deals are not easily found in other types of accommodation like in hotels. When in Athens, explore the city and be sure to have your own comfortable place to stay for a few days of weeks.



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