Holiday Rentals in Australia

Tourists and other visitors can easily find short term rentals in Australia through this page. The page will help you find a place to stay and will inform you about everything you need to know about the place where you wish to stay. The purpose of the page is to list and keep track of private accommodations in the country and make them available to you.


Sydney Apartment

Apartment for rent in Sydney, Australia – from $104 per night!


The continent of Australia has a lot of attractions and many sites that people wish to see. Given this, there are literally thousands of great locations and holiday homes that can be rented. Sydney or Melbourne are packed with great studio apartments and whole houses which can accommodate up to ten people at once. Attractive and glamorous villas are also available near the center of Brisbane.

Flats come serviced with an internet connection and a flat screen TV. You can order cable if you want and spend your free time that way. In Australia, one cannot live without an air conditioning system, so the landlords and owners of these private accommodations provide each establishment with one.


Room in Brisbane

Affordable room for rent in Brisbane, Australia – from $47 per night!


The majority of temporary housing in Australia are owned by local people. With this, aside from having an affordable place to stay in, you can ask for help in getting around your new surroundings. You can find short lets that are near the beaches or on the beach itself in Port Douglas and the Gold Coast.

There are cabins and cottages to rent in the near vicinity of towns such as Perth and Canberra at affordable prices. Private rooms are at 30 euros a night up to 140 euros for the more expensive ones. Condos in Australia can be rented between 40 and 150 euros a night while villas, as the most luxurious and expensive accommodations, come at the top price of 300 euros. Either way, the prices you pay here are substantially better than the other ones in the market and will save you a lot of money.



More About Australia


Australia is the only country-continent in the world. It is the smallest continent but sixth-largest country in the world. It also occupies the island of Tasmania and other small islands surrounding it. The capital city is the city of Canberra with a population of around 23 million people.

The biggest cities include Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Townsville, Darwin and Hobart. Australia is described as a modern and urban country on the coastline while the inner part is mostly covered with deserts and bushwhacks. It is also among the most interesting tourist destinations because of its climate and its beaches, as well as holiday resorts like Port Douglas in the city of Cairns, and Byron Bay,- a beachside town.


Sydney Opera House, Australia

Sydney Opera House, Australia


Some of the most famous sites seen in Australia are the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Uluru and many more. One can go swimming on the famous beaches like Bondi Beach, Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast or go snorkeling and diving in the Great Barrier Reef on the Queensland coast or near the Ningaloo Reef.

Many other activities like rock climbing, water surfing and mountain biking are waiting for you in this paradise. There are also a lot of national parks which preserve the unique natural habitat of Australia. The most famous ones are Kakadu National Park, the Daintree National Park and many others.



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