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Welcome to the page that will help you find short term rentals in Austria. Together with the information on private accommodations here you’ll find some useful thing about the country.



Short Stay Accommodation in Austria – Information


Austria has always attracted a large number of tourists and foreign visitors of various kind. With its growing popularity which can be seen in terms of cultural and heritage landmarks as and natural beauties and snowy mountains which give you various slopes for skiing, the country of Austria really represents an interesting country to visit in Europe.

We give you a way to see and experience all of that without going through the hassle of searching different sites and the trouble of finding a hotel.


rentals in Vienna

Apartment to rent in Vienna – Available from €65 per day


This page gives you a wide selection of various short term rentals in Austria which are available at knock back prices. Owned by people from the cities of Austria and furnished to your liking, you can find a personal type of stay which no hotel can give.

Accommodations in Austria are very versatile and besides being able to rent some of them in the biggest cities of Austria, for instance in Vienna or Graz, you can find ones which include very modern amenities. Centrally located flats are the easiest way to stay in Austria if you are traveling alone, whereas for the visit of a couple or a smaller group you can be assured that a serviced apartment will be more than suitable.

Included in our offer are some of the more unique types of rentals in Austria. This mainly includes cottages and chalets which people interested in snow sports are welcomed to use.



What Are Pros of Private Rentals in Austria?


It is interesting to know that self-catering accommodations are offered in Austria, granting you full use of an entire kitchen resulting in a money saving deal by preparing your own meals. On the other hand, bed and breakfast accommodations are offered by some of the hosts in Austria.

This is often the case when you share an accommodation with the host and are renting your own private room. That way you get a free meal which is included in the price of the rental.



Learn More About Austria


Among the many hot spots and jewels that are found in Europe, Austria tops them all. It is a country that can be visited and relished at any point of time. The winters are truly refreshing since snow capped mountains and delightful terrains offer equal opportunities for skiers and scenic watchers.

The small towns and cities are the true delights of this country. At the same time they are modern and rich in terms of culture and happenings. Austria was the centre of Habsburg Monarchy, so if you are interested in history you’ll definitely love the country.


Fountain in Austria

Fountain in Austria


If you are not crazy about skiing, winter sports and history, you may explore the landscape and cultural sites all around. There are six well known national parks in Austria that you should see.

One’s short stay visit is definitely not complete without a visit to them. National parks in Austria are: Hohe Tauern (1), Kalkalpen (2), Gesäuse (3), Thayatal (4), Donau Auen (5) and Neusiedlersee (7). On the map below you can see where they are located.


national parks in Austria


That’s Great, But Where To Stay While in Austria?


Vienna, the capital of Austria offers numerous available villas and other short term rentals that can be booked online. If you are coming in Vienna or another city with a lot of friends and need a bigger space, then you should rent a house in Austria, which is often big and offer enough space for big groups of people.

If you travel with your partner or in a smaller group, then an apartment will be a great choice. These are well furnished with well-designed details from kitchen to bathrooms. If you are one of those who can’t do anything before a breakfast and morning coffee, you should rent a bed and breakfast. Beside a room for sleeping, the owner of a b&b will provide you with a meal in the morning.

Basic facilities can be found nearby. The major tourist destinations can be found at a mere walking distance from your rented space. So take a look through the list of  accommodations on our website  and choose your place for  a short stay in Austria. Beside Vienna, you should visit Innsbruck and Graz as well.



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