Find Your Ideal Place to Stay in Azerbaijan

The goal of this page is to show you how to find short term rentals in Azerbaijan and provide you with information about the country you should know before your city break or a business trip. Read the information from the page and browse the list of available accommodations in Azerbaijan.



Short Stay Accommodation in Azerbaijan – Info


Although a complete unknown and not the prime visiting location of most holidaymakers, Azerbaijan may in some ways will surprise you and give you a much better vacation than some of the popular locations. Whether you are coming here as a tourist, sightseeing or simply work related reasons, the result is that we will offer you a way to spend that time in a rental which is both comfortable and cheap.

You can rent a really interesting accommodation in Azerbaijan which owned by hosts which are local people from the cities of Azerbaijan. Depending on the number of visitors or the reason of your visit, you will be able to lease a late room which offers a more personal feel and gives you a chance to rent a place which tends to your visiting needs.


Apartment for rent in Baku

Apartment for rent in Baku – from $51 per night!


For instance, the hotel rooms are all the same, while the short term rentals in Azerbaijan are all, more or less, different. Lease a self-catering accommodation in Azerbaijan which allows you to cook your own food while staying there. You can also easily lease a studio which is best for couple retreats and can act as your own personal have while staying here.

The way these private housings can be most cost-effective for you is to lease a shared accommodation. By renting a private room with a local host you will get some conveniences like an included breakfast or a chance to get to know the place of your visit better by being helped by your host.


There are even ways for whole families to stay in Azerbaijan without any inconveniences. Holiday homes in Azerbaijan offered here can accommodate a larger group of people and are mainly used by families or groups of friends. Included with that kind of a rental are some benefits which only a whole home can provide you with. A parking space, a full kitchen and multiple bedrooms are just some of the conveniences given.


Many travelers and businessmen visit Azerbaijan each year. Most of them stay in hotels, but there is a much better solution.  There are many vacation rentals all around the country. You should choose one of the apartments or houses that are available to rent. Private rentals are the much better type of accommodation than hotels these days. If  you want to find a bed and breakfast, private room or any other type of rentals in Azerbaijan, just check out our offer.



What Are Prices Of These Rentals?


To rent a space for a short term in Azerbaijan will cost you from $25 to $130 on average. It depends on what kind of property you are looking for. Luxury, well furnished villas cost more than apartments or houses. To find out more about prices, just take a look on the list of accommodations that we offer. There you’ll see the price (prices are per night) for each listed rental.



Another Important Info about Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan at night

Azerbaijan at night


Before you make a booking and start your trip to Azerbaijan, here are a few more information that may be useful for you. Azerbaijan – most of people are not sure how to read and write the name of the country. I am sure that most of you can’t find Azerbaijan on the map. This ex USSR country is not well known yet, but it has a lot of interesting things to offer.

Azerbaijan is flourishing to prove to the world the potential and the pleasure it beholds. It excels in its spa, healthcare, as well as religious tourism.  This land is a hub of rich cultural and architectural monuments. The country is rich in terms of its tradition and tales as well.

The City of Baku, ancient and modern in the same time, has a lot to offer to visitors. So anyone who has some interest in exotic places should go for a short stay experience.