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In case you are searching for short term rentals in Bamako, Mali you have come to the right place. We have designed this webpage to make it easy as possible for you to find a suitable and affordable accommodation in this city.


Bamako private room

Private room for rent in Bamako. From €60 per night.


There are many fully-furnished short stay rentals in Bamako, Mali available via this page. We have a varied selection of temporary accommodations in Bamako which can cater to every budget and vacation style so we’re sure that you won’t have any problems finding a suitable apartment to stay in this city.

Another great thing is that all of the vacation rentals in Bamako are owned by friendly local people who will be happy to help you have a great experience during your stay in Bamako. Those who plan on visiting this city on their own would do well to check out the private rooms in Bamako, Mali as that way they will have enough space and comfort for an affordable price.

We also have luxurious private apartments for rent in Bamako, Mali, available via this page. They are located on the banks of the Niger River which flows through the city centre allowing for a great view of the surrounding area and gives you an opportunity to experience life in the downtown of the city.


For those who plan on bringing a larger group of friends with them, there are entire houses for rent in Bamako, Mali. These temporary rentals has several bedrooms and can accommodate large groups of travelers that came in Bamako for a few days.

Also, you can count on many amenities to make your stay an even more enjoyable experience and the rental you opt for will determine which amenities you will have at your disposal. As we said all available studios are advertised by owners.

Local people lease their properties in Bamako to travelers which is great because you’ll have a chance to meet some locals. You can find cheap condos in Bamako in almost each part of the city, so if you are traveling for a business purpose or just want to explore Mali, you’ll be able to rent an apartment near any place which is important to you.


Bamako apartment for rent

Apartment for rent in Bamako. From 15 EUR per day.



About Bamako


Centre Commercial, Bamako, Mali

Centre Commercial, Bamako, Mali


Bamako is the largest city and capital of Mali, boasting a population of 1.8 million people and branded as the fastest growing city in Africa. It is situated on the Niger River close to the rapids which divide the upper and middle Niger valleys. Local industry relies mostly on processed meat, metal goods, textiles and there is also commercial fishing on the Niger River. The city got its name from the Bambara word which means „Crocodile river“.