Short Lets in Barbados

We can help you find short term rentals in Barbados, if you are looking to have a vacation in one of the most popular places in the world. Through this page, you get the opportunity of renting some of the best short term accommodations on the market. The purpose of the site is to inform our visitors about the rentals and help them find the required ones and eventually rent them for their next trip.


Barbados Villa

Villa for rent in Barbados – from $160 per night!


There is a great competition when booking a hotel in Barbados and in most cases, one has to spend a lot of time and put a lot of effort to find them. The result often appears to be unsatisfying or you spend too much money than you have expected. The case when renting one of these short lets is much easier.

First, there are around two hundred available lets on the island of Barbados listed here so you won’t have any trouble finding an available one. Secondly, the cost of these private rentals is very cheap so in a way you’ll be saving money. The rentals themselves are greatly furnished and are prepared to serve the needs of their visitors. The owners of the places are the locals, with whom you might sometimes share the accommodation.


The serviced apartments in Barbados have a TV in them, with cable, a wireless internet connection and many more. The leases vary from small and cozy apartments with a single bed fit for one person, spacious whole houses to rent in the center of Bridgetown which are great for housing families, and even a fabulous and luxurious villa on the beaches of Hole town.

One can also choose to rent a self catering accommodation if one needs to prepare his or her own food, as it allows you to bring your own food in the room. But, on the other hand, why cook when you can order bed and breakfast services and have your morning meal brought to you each morning.


Barbados Apartment

Rent an apartment in Barbados – from $60 per night!


What You Should Visit in Barbados


Barbados is a sovereign island country in the Caribbean. It is situated in the Lesser Antilles and the island covers the area of 431 square kilometers. The capital city is Bridgetown where around 80,000 are currently living out of the country’s total of 284,000 inhabitants. The west side of the island is the main tourist side, because it holds all the beaches and the landmarks of the island.

Places that are worth visiting are the Botanical Garden, the Mount Gay Rum Distillery and Harrison’s Cave. Barbados has also got a very active nightlife where you can enjoy a lot of great clubs and bars. During the day one can do such activities as scuba diving, aerial Trek zipline, swimming with sea turtles, go on a catamaran cruise, segway tour and the Atlantis Submarine tour.


Barbados Beach

Barbados Beach