Apartments For Rent in Barnet, London

This page offers a list of short term rentals in Barnet, London, UK. Travelers can choose from a wide selection of studio flats and houses and rent them at reasonable rates. This is the cheapest way of lodging in London.


Barnet Short Term Rental

Short term rental in Barnet – from 115 EUR per day!


Short Term Rentals in Barnet


All you have to do is to enjoy the scenic and natural beauty of Barnet. Short term rentals such as holiday apartments, flats and family homes can be found all over the borough of Barnet, London. It is a cheaper way to find lodging than rent a room in some of the city’s hotels. All vacation rentals available in Barnet are equipped with modern facilities, fully furnished and contains everything needed for a comfortable and unforgettable stay.

Self catering flats has fully- equipped kitchen where you will find everything you need for cooking. No matter if you come alone in Barnet for business purposes for a few days, there are studios for rent at affordable prices with single beds. Studio apartments in Barnet can house up to 2, 3 or more people and are fully- furnished for a great stay.


Barnet Holiday Apartment To Rent

Rent a holiday apartment for 2 in Barnet – from 122 EUR per night!


Location of Short Term Rentals in Barnet


If you worry about having a place to stay that is both comfortable and affordable while on your trip to Barnet, short term apartments are the best solution. This type of accommodation is not only budget-friendly, but will provide you with what a real home can offer. The best thing of all, they are located all over Barnet.

For instance, if you travel alone you can opt to stay in a large one double bedroom in the heart of the city. Aside from the amenities like a furnished kitchen, the location also provides you easy access to the different parts of the city. This is perfect if you come to Barnet for business purposes.


If you travel with a group, more space and better sleeping arrangement will be required. Thus, renting an entire house will be the best solution. With more rooms and beds, there will be enough space for everyone to move and sleep comfortably. You can find such property all over Barnet, especially in the center, near the different stations and shopping centers.

You can also make the stunning 2-bedroom flat in the divine North Finchley area as your home while in Barnet for a few days to weeks. It is just a few minute walk to different local establishments. Of course, it comes with the best amenities included in the rent, which is a lot cheaper compared to hotels.



Facilities of Short Stay Apartments in Barnet


As mentioned, all private accommodations are fully- furnished. All of the short stay flats in Barnet, London provide a kitchen with all cooking facilities such as refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster, microwave, oven, even the plates, cutlery, glasses, and more.

Bathrooms are equipped with shower, clean towels, hair dryer, some of them even provides soap and shampoo. If you need to do your laundry, washing machine is also available in the majority of flats in Barnet. With all these facilities, the comfort and convenience you will have is the same as that of your own home.


Barnet Studio Flat For Rent

Studio flat for rent in Barnet, London – from 144 EUR daily!


More About Barnet – Info


London Borough of Barnet, is located in the North part of London and was formed in the year 1965. The place is filled with historic events and evidence occurring from Roman and Stone Age times. It was here that in 1471 the Battle of Barnet was fought led by the troops of King Edward the IV.

Its northern most part is covered with young fold hills, while some are formed of glacial tilt. Much of its central part is a country side and there has been a lot of development in this place since the last ten decades.

The place is much of a vacation spot for nature lovers. Barnet is the right place for those who admire the nature and keep it close to their hearts. The best part of it, short term leases available in Barnet will increase your love ten folds.


Hendon Park in Barnet, Greater London, UK

Hendon Park in Barnet, Greater London, UK



Attractions and Things to Do in Barnet


Barnet is one interesting destination and if you want to more about the place, a visit to the Barnet Museum will certainly amaze you. This local history museum shows costumes, samplers, photographs, artifacts, archives, and many more. But if you prefer to see relaxing scenery as you walk, the Trent Country Park should be your next stop.

The park is large enough and is associated with the grounds of a former country estate. It has beautiful woodland, lakes, ponds, and grassland.


At the end of the day, when you get tired and hungry, spending your time at Chez Tonton will be satisfying. A taste of food in Barnet is another way to get to know the place better. This traditional French restaurant located in New Barnet has established a reputable name in the business for 30 years, making it a must-visit place. It has delicious menu, friendly service, and a convivial atmosphere. They also have an extensive and affordable list of wine.

Whether it’s for business or relaxation, Barnet is the place to be. In every aspect, it has so much to offer and you’ll end up wanting to go back here again. Of course, with short term rentals available all over the place, making Barnet your home for a short time will be memorable and a great one.

Make sure to browse through the list of properties and make an advance booking from the comfort of your own home. This page promises to help you have a great stay in Barnet.



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