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Welcome to the page which will serve as a guide in helping you find short term rentals in Beirut, Lebanon. The purpose of the this page is fairly simple and that is to find enough information about the short term accommodations listed in different places in the city and make them available to tourists.

This particular page is dedicated to Beirut, Lebanon and contains everything there is to know about the prices, apartments themselves, locations and how to get in touch with the landlord and eventually rent them. 


Beirut private room

Private room for rent in Beirut. Available from €34 per night.


Budget rentals are a very popular way of vacationing abroad. Many tourists who like to travel around the world would rather choose to stay in a private accommodation and enjoy the hospitality of a private owner than go to a hotel.

It’s the same situation in Beirut. These short stays are much easier to book and are fairly easy to find. The rise and popularity of vacation rentals in the world and Beirut as well  has become so immense that more and more people are joining the fun and are placing their flats and houses available for rent.

For example, the city of Beirut, Lebanon has hundreds of available private housing for you to choose from. Whether you happened to be looking for a small condo for yourself or an entire home, you can easily find it right here on this page. There are many places which offer different amenities which are perfect for holidays. You can check out the information we have gathered here and see whether the place you are thinking about to stay in has an internet connection or a TV set.


All short lets in Beirut that are listed on this website have private bathrooms and spacious kitchens. All of them are wonderfully furnished with modern and completely new furniture and have various gadgets and appliances that will make your stay better. The most popular type of an accommodation in Beirut is a luxury villa.

It can accommodate big groups of people and have the best amenities among all of the listed accommodations here. It is perfect for self-catering accommodations, but can also be used for longer stays as well. It is also popular among larger groups of visitors, like families or groups of friends who come here to enjoy a relaxing holiday. The best ones are those which come with a swimming pool included.


Beirut, apartment

Apartment to let in Beirut. From €153 per night.


All apartments and other properties available on this page are owned by friendly locals who will be happy to assist you while you are in Beirut. Our booking process is safe and simply.



Learn More About Beirut


Beirut is the largest and most important city of Lebanon. It is the country’s largest seaport and main cultural and economic center. All of this has earn it to be Lebanon’s capital. It is situated in a peninsula near Lebanon’s Mediterranean coast. Beirut is also important as one of the richest archaeological sites in the world since artifacts from many periods have been found here.

One of the most important parts of Beirut’s economy includes the tourist industry. Since it is one of the most beautiful cities and oldest cities in the world it was dubbed “The Paris of the Middle East,” a completely justified nickname taking into account its famous landmarks and tourist attractions. Most visitors come here from the Arab countries, but Europeans and Americans as well.


The center of the tourist scene is the Beirut Central District. In this part of the city one can see and witness monuments and buildings dating back from various parts of Beirut’s history and built in different style. Another famous attraction is the Corniche Beirut, a pedestrian promenade which encircles the seafront of the city.

It is connected with the Central District via Hamra Street, which is the place where many shops, boutiques and markets are located and where many visitors come to shop. Those who like art should definitely visit the Gemmayzeh, an area filled with monuments and historic buildings dating back from the French Era.


Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon



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