Belarus Apartments

On this page you will find the list of short stay apartments in Belarus. Also on this page there are some information about the country. Read it before your travel and before you book your private accommodation in Belarus.



Private Accommodation in Belarus


We give you convenience and affordable ways of staying in Belarus. This page offers you a solution in finding a great place to stay that will not compromise the budget. These properties are owned by local people from Belarus and offer them to all the people who wish to visit the country and have a comfortable stay.

In just a few click you can rent various types of accommodation in Belarus meant for different kinds of staying purposes.


Spacious apartment room for rent in Belarus

Apartment for rent in Belarus – from $24 per day.


The selection offered through this page includes small places like flats up to whole houses to rent. Included are some luxurious places to stay in Belarus like short stay villas and luxury vacation rentals. All of the short term lets in Belarus are furnished to make the stay better. Some places have internet connection or air conditioning system.

The private landlords have also included more amenities for your convenience. Pick a place to stay which has two or three bedrooms when traveling with a group of people to enjoy better sleeping arrangements. You can also book a bed and breakfast flat and have a free meal each morning of your stay.

Self-catering accommodations in Belarus will allow you to save additional money being close to the grocery stores and markets, allowing you to buy and cook your own food. These types of accommodation rentals, besides being cheap, come with a variety of additional waysfor you to save money.


It is recommended to stay in short term vacation rentals as they are the better choice than hotels. The houses of the locals are furnished and are available at affordable price. Furthermore, these are located in the center of cities.

Accommodation in Belarus is no issue at all; through this page you can find temporary rentals in Belarus just about anywhere. The villas and condos are fully equipped with WiFi, kitchen, washing machine and all amenities you may need during your stay.



Learn More About Belarus


Belarus is well-known in the world for political reasons, but regardless of such, the country is truly a treat to the visual senses. So what could be more relishing than having a bird’s eye view of the magnificent landscape of an exotic country in Eastern Europe?

You can find many interesting things to see in Belarus. There are numerous lakes that are part of the tour such as Lake Myadel, Lake Naroch, etc. Surrounding these lakes are meadows and forest where a trip in summers can be quite exciting. The capital city of country in Minsk.


A view of colorful houses in Belarus

colorful houses in Belarus


The castles of Belarus are something that every tourist should see. There are more than 20 very important castles that are all around the country. Some of them are Kreva, Hal’shany, Navahrudak, Lida. If you love military history, then Belarus will be a very interesting destination for you.