Apartments For Rent in Belgium

As the concept of tourism started growing in Belgium for the last couple of years, so is the need for short term rentals. This page offers the chance for all types of visitors to have a good stay at an affordable price, rather than checking into a hotel, which is more expensive.



Private Apartments in Belgium to Rent – Info


Brussels apartment from $83 per night!

Apartment for rent in Belgium, from 70 EUR per night!


Private homes situated all over Belgium give a chance to visitors to stay in this country and spare some of their travel money by renting budget accommodations. The greatest advantage, besides being affordable, is that they have the opportunity to choose the type of accommodation, making it appealing and more personal to their needs.

If you decide to travel by yourself to Belgium on a sightseeing tour or for job purposes, you can easily rent a flat furnished with the basic amenities.


For smaller groups or couples, we offer some studios to rent in Belgium which, are larger and cozy enough to make your stay truly comfortable. You can find equally good self-catering accommodations or bed and breakfast places, which may solve your meal problems. The former by providing you with a place to make it by yourself and the later by providing you with an already prepared meal.

One can also enjoy luxurious condos in Belgium by renting some of the listed luxury apartments. These exclusive rentals include villas or penthouse suites that are modernly furnished and include various luxurious amenities. So it is fairly easy to find a place which has its own swimming pool, a private gym or a hot tub for your pleasure and enjoyment.



Information About Belgium


Belgium lies on the North Sea, at the crossroads of Western Europe. Its capital city is Brussels, which is the capital of the European Union as well. Belgium consists of three large regions: Flanders in the north, Brussels and Wallonia in the south. Belgium has a large number of cities and many of them are popular tourist destinations. Brussels has nice historic centre and numerous museums and cathedrals.


It is also one of the most multicultural cities in Europe. Lots of holiday rentals can be found here and they are suitable for different needs of travelers, so you can book luxury villas in the city’s quiet borough or one of B&B apartments or cheap short stay accommodation. Antwerp is second largest city in Belgium and it is well-known as world’s major diamond center. It has beautiful medieval streets and cathedrals.

If you are going to visit Antwerp, you must see the well-known diamond Quarter in the many diamond shops. More than $16 billion in polished diamonds pass through this district’s exchanges every year. You can book one of numerous holiday houses here ideal for families or groups of friends on vacation. Brugge was one of the wealthiest cities in Europe in 14th century and it has lots of historical sites to offer to its visitors.


Apartment w/ skyview over Antwerp City - from $48 per night!

Apartment with a skyview over Antwerp City – from $48 per night!


There are numerous houses and apartments available for guests from the country and abroad. If you want to relax after visiting Belgium’s cities, book short term apartments in Ardennes, a hilly countryside area with numerous forests. Don’t forget to try a worldwide famous Belgian chocolate during your stay.



Other popular cities in Belgium:


Leuven – small town with great architecture!

Liege – the most important city in Wallonia.

Ghent – well-known Flemish city.

Charleroi – the city with a long tradition.



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