Berkeley Hills Short Stay Apartments

Welcome to this page which was created with the goal to assist you in finding a short term rental in Berkeley Hills, San Francisco, as well as providing you with necessary information regarding the famous sights to see during your visit to this city and neighborhood.

All of the rentals are owned by friendly locals, which will be happy to help you with any questions or dilemmas you might have regarding your time spent in this city and provide you with recommendations on where to eat the best prepared specialties or drink the best coffee.


Berkeley Hills private room

Private studio in Berkeley Hills to rent. From $90 per night.


There are about sixty short stay rentals in Berkeley Hills, San Francisco at your disposal via this webpage, so we’re sure you won’t have any problems whatsoever to find private accommodation perfect for your holidays. Also, you won’t have to look through many websites in order to find a fitting rental, as you’ll have it all in one place, right on this page.

Those who are planning on visiting this neighbourhood with a large family should consider renting an entire house in Berkeley Hills, San Francisco as it will provide them with a spacious and furnished short let, with more than enough space for everyone and kid-friendly premises.


In case you prefer staying in a flat, there are many of them in Berkeley Hills, San Francisco which will offer you lots of space as there are those which have three or more bedrooms, and you will also experience the higher level of liberty and autonomy. There are also private rooms in Berkeley Hills which will cater to those who intend to visit this neighbourhood on their own, and they are, in most cases, the most affordable option.

Also, many amenities, such as Internet access, self-catering and free parking on premises just add up to the whole experience, and the list of amenities depends only on the precise rental you choose.


Berkeley Hills house

Berkeley Hills, house for rent. From $160 per night.


More Info About Berkeley Hills


They represent a mountain range which overlook the northeast side of the valley encompassing the Bay of San Francisco and was called “Contra Costa Range” before. It has residential neighborhoods, the streets are dominantly narrow, following the contours of the land, while the slope on the east side of the Berkeley Hills is mostly a preserved wildland.


Berkeley Hills

Berkeley Hills, San Francisco



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