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Make your vacation plans on this page by fining short term rentals in Berlin. For a great trip without the usual accommodation headaches book your stay with Short Term Renting. Here you will find all neatly laid out for you giving you an opportunity to book a quality rental. Also it will take you half as much time than you would spend browsing different pages on the internet.


Flat for rent in Berlin - from 50 EUR per night!

Flat for rent in Berlin – from 50 EUR per night!


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How To Book Short Term Accommodation in Berlin

One of the entertainment capitals of the world which is also filled with amazing architecture and artworks, Berlin is a pretty cool place to take your holiday. But of course you can’t stay anywhere as you will need a place which will fit your needs and enable you to feel relaxed so you can experience everything that Berlin offers. Take a go at some private accommodations which we are offering here. There are more than a thousand short stay apartments in Berlin to choose from. Many are arranged in a traditional manner while others incorporate quite modern features. You can stay in the central part of Berlin or you can go and find an apartment to rent in other awesome districts of Berlin. You can also try and find a peaceful hiding place by renting a suburban rental giving you all the peace and quiet you need. From small studios to enormous holiday homes, Berlin has an offer which will indulge every visitor’s need.


Apartment in Berlin

Short Term Apartment in Berlin – from 58 EUR per night!


There are places with single beds for lone visitors or apartments with double beds for couples. Larger groups can also find a vacation rental which includes better sleeping arrangements or multiple bedrooms. When it comes to the included amenities, the landlords are very thorough, giving you the best standard with a typical short stay can include. Many of them will come with an internet connection, so people who need to keep in contact with their work can do so comfortably, while some of them include an entire kitchen. Most of the visitors ask for a washing machine or an air conditioning system. Most of listed short lets have a balcony or a terrace. But the hosts have gone a step further and besides offering you the later mentioned amenities also include bed and breakfast, parking and also cleaning services, enabling you a perfect stay.


Some apartments are cheap to rent. These will cost you from 40 EUR per night. In the same time there are luxurious apartments in Berlin and you can rent one of them if you want. Before you book your self-catering apartment in Berlin, you should check if smoking is allowed. Also if you want to bring your dog or any other pet, please check first if pets are welcome in the property you want to lease for a few days. Some studio apartments that you can rent have its own parking space that you can use while in Berlin. Before you make an online booking, please take a closer look on these details.


Things to Do and See in Berlin



Germany’s capital of Berlin is one of the largest cities in the European Union and the second most populous city proper in EU as well. The city was founded in the 13th century and after its establishment has been the capital or the main city of different empires, like the Kingdom of Prussia, the Weimar Republic, the German Empire, but the infamous Third Reich as well.


Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral


The contemporary Berlin is viewed as a city of arts, culture, politics, science and media. Its vast and favorable economy is mainly based on its high-tech industries, enabling the city to maintain its image of a global city. Interestingly enough, Berlin is also the home of 147 foreign embassies which are situated here. Being a city of culture, in Berlin one can find numerous educational facilities like universities, modern galleries, theatres and museums, which many visiting people are highly interested in seeing. The most renowned educational facilities of Berlin are the Französisches Gymnasium Berlin, the Freie Universität Berlin, the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and the Universität der Künste.


Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany


With the movement of Popkomm to Berlin, it has become one of the most renowned centers of pop music, with MTV and the Universal Music Group following suit and moving their headquarters to Germany’s capital as well. It is also a place where many events take place, particularly musical events which are some of the most popular ones in Europe. To mention the Berliner Festspiele, JazzFest Berlin, the Christopher Street Day, Berlin Music Week and many more.


National Gallery, Berlin

National Gallery, Berlin


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