Apartments For Rent in Bernal Heights

We designed this page to help you find a short term rental in Bernal Heights, San Francisco, and offer you the basic information regarding the sights to see during your stay.

All temporary housings are owned and rented by friendly local people, which will do their best to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible, giving you insider information regarding your visit without any need to look for tourist information centers or rely on guidebooks and old maps.


Bernal Heights private room

Private room in Bernal Heights to rent. From $84 per night.


We have about three hundred and fifty short stay apartments in Bernal Heights, San Francisco available via this page and we’re sure you will easily find the perfect one for your vacation style and preferences. The fact that they are all here makes it easier for you as you won’t need to browse many various websites in order to find them, when you can find it all right here.

People who intend to visit this location on their own should consider the most affordable option, renting a private room or bed & breakfast arrangement in Bernal Heights, San Francisco which will make it much more simple for them while retaining all the comfort and necessary amenities.


Large families should definitely opt for renting an apartment in Bernal Heights or even renting a villa, as in any of those two cases they will experience spacious accommodation, comfort and liberty. There are many flats which possess two, three or more bedrooms so there will be more than enough space for everyone.

Of course, what makes the difference and improves the level of comfort are the numerous amenities which depend only on the precise short let you choose. Some of them are cable TV so you don’t have to miss your favourite TV shows while you’re away from your country or hometown, Wi-Fi Internet access and many more.


Bernal Heights apartment

Bernal Heights, bungalow to rent. From $112 per night.


About Bernal Heights


This is a primarily a residential district of San Francisco, but it possesses a commercial strip on the Cortland avenue with many restaurants, bakeries, butcheries and fish shops and bars as well as bookstores. Some of the sights to see are the Precita Park, Precita Eyes mural art center, “Fiesta on the Hill”, which is a street fair during the summer festival season taking place on the third Sunday in October, Bernal Heights Boulevard, Bernal Hill Park and Holly Park.


Bernal Heights

Bernal Heights, San Francisco



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