Short Stay Apartments Birmingham

This page provides essential information about apartments in Birmingham, UK and other types of short term rentals such as villas, condo, and whole houses. It also offers a list of available properties that will serve as your home on your visit. There are more than a hundred to choose from, book your favorite now.



 Short Term Rentals in Birmingham


When visiting any foreign country, accommodation is one of the main considerations that every tourist makes a priority. Although there are many options to choose from, especially with the availability of hotels today, finding the best one may not come so easy. A vacation rental that is both comfortable and budget-friendly is hard to find.

But through this page and its list of short stay rentals, finding a home while away from home is just a few clicks away. You can stay in furnished properties, equipped with the best amenities that will make your vacation in Birmingham easy and convenient, whether your purpose is business or sightseeing.


A comfortable apartment room for two in Birmingham

Short stay apartment for rent in Birmingham- €77 per night.


After browsing the list of available private rentals, be sure to make an advance booking through the online system of this page. You can choose a bed and breakfast room so that you don’t have to worry about waking up early in the morning to prepare your breakfast or buy food outside.

In case the purpose of your visit to Birmingham is business, you can stay in a villa or condo for a few days to weeks. On the other hand, if you have your family or friends with you, a better sleeping arrangement and more space will be enjoyed when you rent an entire holiday house. All these short holiday rentals are owned by local people in Birmingham, UK who will also serve as your guide for you to explore the place easily.



Location of Birmingham Vacation Rentals


Short term properties are all around Birmingham, so regardless of your chosen location, your comfort will never be compromised. For example, you can find a spacious studio flat in a village between the historic Ludlow and Leominster. The property is also near the market, so if you choose a self-catering accommodation, you’ll have a great source of ingredients when preparing your food.

When coming to Birmingham with another person, you can find a 2-bedroom bungalow just 5 minutes to the town center, and 15-20 minutes on foot. When in a group or family, there is a 5-bedroom townhouse in the central part of Birmingham.



Prices and Amenities of Holiday Rentals in Birmingham


For only €77 per night you can enjoy the comfort of a spacious rental flat with a kitchen, entertainment, outdoor facilities, and more. If you can afford to pay more, at €145 you can enjoy different amenities plus a garden and parking space, a great bonus if you have a car.

For those in groups, €230 is very affordable because the price can be divided to the number of people in a group. When there is more of you, the bigger savings you will get. It also has a furnished kitchen for you to prepare your own meals and outdoor facilities like a parking space/ garage, balcony, or a garden.


Short term rental with fully-furnished kitchen

Fully-furnished kitchen in Birmingham



Information about Birmingham


Birmingham is the second largest city in Britain and one of the most popular tourist destinations. The city has so much to offer such its state-of-the-art library, gleaming shopping centers, and beautiful Victorian buildings. It also has a lot of parks, public spaces, and residential and commercial buildings.

Aside from the outstanding museums and galleries around Birmingham, you will a great number of gastronomic restaurants, bars, cruises, and many more. With all these things and more, it’s not a surprise why the city of Birmingham is a favorite destination, especially for vacation.



Attractions in Birmingham, UK


There is always something for everyone who visits to Birmingham. The city has so much to offer in additional to its excellent holiday homes around. A visit here will never be complete if you fail to see some of the best attractions it has in store for you.

Aside from having a glimpse of its history, art, and culture by visiting the Library of Birmingham, another must see is the Cadbury world. This is definitely the next best thing to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. This is where you will learn the history of cocoa and Cadbury family.


Chocolate tasting at Cadbury World in Birmingham

Cadbury World, Birmingham UK


Since Birmingham has been a major player on the British jewelry scene, the Jewelry Quarter is a fascinating place to visit. It still produces 40% of the jewelry manufactured in the UK. If you are a Vegan and you happen to be in Birmingham, the Warehouse Café will be your favorite after you’ve tried it.

Its wooden floorboards and odd painted girder complete the scene in this vegan café. Their treats include sundried tomato sausages, lentil, vegetable salad with hazelnut pesto, and soup. Don’t miss to try their chocolate brownie with raspberry sauce.

There’s no way for you to get bored when in Birmingham. With so many things to do and see here, spending a vacation in the city while staying in your chosen holiday apartment is a dream come true.



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