Short Stay Accommodation in Blackpool

The purpose of this page is to provide you with helpful information about short term rentals in Blackpool, UK. Here you will find the necessary info needed on renting and a list of all privately owned rentals.


Bed & Breakfast seaside apartment for rent in Blackpool

Bed & Breakfast seaside apartment in Blackpool – from 13 EUR per night!



Private Accommodation in Blackpool


If you are in Blackpool and you need a private accommodation, you can check our list of late rooms in the city. Privately owned apartment rentals are spread out all across the city and offered at affordable prices.

Self catering flats in Blackpool offer their visitors a sound atmosphere and high quality of stay. Short term rentals are owned by private owners and you will be provided with some additional services. These are furnished with many modern and useful appliances. Bed and breakfast condos on the other hand, provide guests with a tasty meal each morning, while serviced apartments are specially furnished to grant a very pleasant stay in Blackpool.


Apartment For Rent in Blackpool

Apartment for rent in Blackpool, from 40 EUR per day!


Short stay apartments are particularly popular among visiting couples or smaller groups of visitors. Aside from providing a nice atmosphere, they are often furnished with new furniture and useful appliances in the kitchen, used for preparing meals, or appliances for entertainment, like as stereo system, flat screen TV and internet connection.


As there are places for smaller groups, there are also for single and multiple visitors to stay in. Single visitors can rent a private room within a shared accommodation and also find a nice comfy flat in the central part of Blackpool. People who come in group and want to spend their vacation together should consider a whole house to rent.

It has additional bedrooms and more than enough space for everyone. It is also well-furnished and provides a chance to save on renting expenses by dividing the price among each other.



Location of Apartment Rentals


You can centralize your search based on the location where the rooms are located. This is a good way to search as you will find private lets with a favorable location or in area which may be useful to the purpose of stay. Areas like Hornby Road provide a number of flats while the Church Street has a variety of studios to rent.

These central areas of Blackpool are useful because they are evenly distant from every major point of the city and allow easy access and movement around. You can also find a nice cottage on Talbot Road and enjoy a very quiet and serene vacation. Holiday homes on Bloomfield Road are great for family visits while the ones on Ansdell Road are quite modernly arranged and can serve the younger crowd of visitors better.


Blackpool Flat To Let

Flat to let in Blackpool, UK – from 155 EUR per day!


Price Range of Private Flats


Each of these privately owned short term leases is accessible to you at a very fair price. This is why their popularity is growing among tourists. You can rent a place to stay in Blackpool, UK for a price between 30 and 200 euros, all depending on the size and furnishing.

The private rooms or flats can be rented for a price between 30 to 50 euros. Studio apartments are priced between 50 to 100 euros. If you are interested in renting holiday homes for larger groups of people, you will have to pay up to 150 euros a night. On the other hand, if a luxurious stay is what you crave for, then there are exclusive places priced approximately 200 euros.



Something About Blackpool


Blackpool is located in England and has emerged as one of the best tourist attractions for millions of people all over the world. People who are interested in spending time on the sea coast can do that with the Irish Sea. on the other hand, the number of famous dancing schools can be a perfect place to learn jazz, tap dancing and even ballet. Thus, the place can be a good way to learn dance with an enjoyable vacation trip.

One of the main highlights organized here every year is the “switching on”, where the show is started by a famous celebrity followed by a concert. The zoo is another attraction suitable to all ages of people with more than 1500 different animals, while the sea life center gives a face to face experience with different sharks.


Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower