Short Term Rentals in Bolivia

The purpose of this page is to provide you with the list of short term rentals in Bolivia. Choose one of the private apartments, houses and rooms for price that will suit your budget!


Bolivia Apartment

Rent apartment in Bolivia – from $40 per night!



Experience the Comfort of Hotels at Cheaper Prices


Getting the best kind of temporary accommodation is one of the main factors behind a great city break. We make sure that you can have the best short term leases in Bolivia, along with an affordable package of bed and breakfast.

The vacation rentals that are available with us include facilities for your stay in some of the best self-catering apartments and houses. Well furnished and well maintained, these private flats can make you feel the comfort of hotels but at much cheaper prices.


In case you’re planning to spend your holidays abroad with your family in an exotic country, renting a fully furnished apartment in Bolivia might be the best idea and it can cost you just $35 per day. Of course, there are many amenities included, kid-friendly premises, self-catering, TV and many more perks.

Your hosts will also help you have a great time, by answering your questions, giving you directions to landmarks and places that serve traditional food or any other place you would like to visit.


La Paz Flat

Rent apartment in La Paz, Bolivia – from $50 per night!


You can also avail holiday villas for your short stay. Getting the best lodgings in the form of nightly and weekly condos makes your holiday a wonderful one. Rent one of the self catering studios and spend your time in Bolivia like at home.

These short lets will give you more privacy, more freedom than hotels. There are also furnished houses with pool available for rent, at a price of $100 per night and numerous amenities included, an excellent option whether visiting with your family or a large group of friends.



Explore Bolivia


Referred to as the ‘Tibet of America’, the country of Bolivia lies in the heart of South American continent. Still one of the most ‘remote’ countries in the world, the country’s population is of pure ancestry to the place.


Florida, Bolivia


The capital city of La Paz and many such beautiful cities will welcome you on your arrival in Bolivia. The country boasts the highest ski resort of the world and many natural reserves and bio-diversity parks are there to be explored in the country.


Catedral de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia