Cheap Short Stay Accommodation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Welcome to the page about short term rentals in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here you can inform yourself about the country itself and find a private accommodation available to rent.



Information on Short Stay Apartments in Bosnia


As tourism is at its starting point in Bosnia and Herzegovina the need for places to stay here has also started to grow. Till now, the only reliable places where one could stay were the biggest cities of the countries or urban areas where the hotels have been situated. But now you can rent short term rentals in Bosnia and Herzegovina in various places of the country.

The privately owned accommodation rentals have taken the tourist industry by storm and many people who are passionate travelers would rather stay in a private housing than lease a room in a hotel. The advantages are that private apartments are cheaper, easier to book and give you more options to choose from in terms of types of rentals.


Bosnia apartment for rent Banja Luka

Apartment to rent in Banja Luka, Bosnia.From €35 per night


Accommodation in Bosnia and Herzegovina range from flats situated in modern cities of the country, to luxurious villas in serene locations to quality cottages in mountainous parts. Since there is a great versatility of reasons for staying in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are a lot of options to choose from.

You can lease a serviced apartment in Bosnia and Herzegovina which accommodates two people and is entirely furnished with a range of useful amenities. Holiday homes are more than a useful deal when staying in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is an arrangement for family vacations or large group stays. Renting a whole house has certainly got its advantages and features.

Mountain tourism is also popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina so we can offer a range of cottages owned by the local people which will serve this purpose. The cottages are nicely arranged and warm and will account for a cozy stay.



Learn More About Bosnia and Herzegovina


The tourist environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina is ever-developing. This is largely because of the avid promotional and marketing structure present in here. This is a country that is a great amalgamation of mountains, rivers, rugged lakes and rivers. In addition, people who are fan of scenic beauty would find this place satisfying.

This is because of the great combination of ski resorts and the true wonderland air of it. It attracts foreigners and tourists from the whole world. Also, it is one of those promising territories for investment and property dealing.


Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina


The topography and the general air that encompasses Bosnia & Herzegovina make you want to come back for more and more short stay in. The hill stations and resorts are worth experiencing for vacation rentals especially if you are taking your family and kids along too.


So, if you are planning to visit this great place then our website would be of great help in terms of your accommodation needs. You can book the apartments as per the needs of your family. Overall, the short term rentals are available at affordable price ranges for people who are planning to visit.

The houses are fully equipped and furnished with the facility of Wi-Fi. Moreover, you would find the villas centrally located, which means you can access them through both public and personal transport. The bed and breakfast places are luxurious, giving you the comfort of a room you desire. So go for our online booking and experience the royalty for rent.



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