Private Flats To Rent in Brighton

Reserve a short term rental in Brighton, UK at a low and affordable price through this page. This page was created to help the struggling tourists who are having problems in finding places to stay in foreign countries. The selection of private homes available here is more than capable of meeting the tourist’s needs.


Basic info on Apartments in Brighton


Visitors of Brighton, UK often have problems in finding quality places to stay in this city. The problem is due to  the expensive hotels or uncomfortable alternative solutions. But the alternative solution that is offered through this page is a hundred percent accurate and provides a ton of different options. Private owners from Brighton have made their private homes available through this page and we are making them available to you. The amenities and the quality of these self-catering rentals are more than admirable and guarantees a great stay in the city of Brighton. Out of hundreds of listed leases the greatest majority are flats.


Short Term Rental in Bighton

Apartment to let in Brighton


Suitable for any sorts of visit or type of stay, the flats offered are furnished by the owners to make the stay of any visitor very comfortable. The offered amenities, besides a comfortable bed, are Wi-Fi internet connection, a small kitchen with cutlery and an air conditioning system. Additionally, you are in a position of choosing a place which offers bed and breakfast services and by acquiring them, you will not have to worry about a morning meal the entire period of your stay.


On the other hand, studio apartments for rent in Brighton are meant for group stays of a maximum of five people. With favorable sleeping arrangements, these are the favorite accommodation of bigger groups who arrive in Brighton for a stay of few days. But, if the apartments feel a bit too cramped for your taste and you need additional space, there are whole houses to rent in Brighton also. Enjoy a holiday home with two bedrooms and acts as a basic household. You will have a big kitchen for yourself, a wash room and even a back garden where you can relax. Families are more that welcome to lease these types of housings for their trip to Brighton.



Where Private Rentals Are Located?


A coastal town like Brighton, which is situated in Britain’s south coast has various favorable locations where you may choose to stay. The central part of the city of Brighton has a wonderful array of studios to rent which are very modernly furnished, while the port area offers various short stay accommodations. For instance, the Marine Parade area has some temporary rentals for you to lease, while the King’s Road which faces the water side has an imposing number of holiday homes. Check the West street of the Fleet Street of Brighton for additional luxury short lets in Brighton and in some places you can even find some villas to rent. On the Elm Grove, there is a luxurious holiday home fit for a whole family to stay in.





To mention the pricing in Brighton, UK, it gives you a chance to lease a place to stay from 50 to 400 euros a night. Flats or studios in Brighton can be leased for about 50 to 80 euros a night. The mentioned apartments for small groups are 100 to 150 euros. Holiday homes which include additional bedrooms and can accommodate a larger number of people can serve as a great family vacation spot for a price of up to 200 euros. The biggest temporary leases with the highest amount of luxury are the offered villas. Their price is between 300 and 400 euros a night, which is a more than acceptable price offer for accommodations of that sort.


The Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion, Brighton


About Brighton


Brighton is an English city situated on the south coast of Great Britain. The city of Brighton is mentioned before 1086 in the Domesday Book, when it was called Brighthelmstone. It owes its development and growth to the sea bathing industry which enabled Brighton to prosper during the 18th century.




Interestingly, it was used as seaside resting resort for the Prince Regent at that period as well. Today it is popular for being a place where many people from London like to go and spend a day or two to relax. But currently, there are people from all over the world visiting Brighton; thus the city has started to become a popular tourist area. Besides the sea, Brighton has also some other interesting and amusing things in it. There are some very important and interesting landmarks like the Royal Pavilion, where the prince Regent liked to spend his days while staying here.


Princes House, Brighton

Princes House, Brighton


There is also the Brighton Marine Palace and Pier funfair where many visitors like to spend their time in. It has numerous restaurants and cafes within it so it provides fun and excitement for people of all ages. You can also witness the West Pier of Brighton which was in its time the only Grade I pier in the UK. The brightest spot of Brighton is its Brighton clock tower which was built in 1888 as a commemoration for Queen Victoria’s jubilee. It is a little piece of history that many Brits adore. Other sites situated in Brighton are Volk’s Electric Railway, Brighton Wheel and the Brighton i360 observation tower which will completely be completed by the end of 2016.



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