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Welcome to the page about private rentals in Brisbane, Australia. The page has accumulated knowledge and information about every temporary housing in the area and will be a lot of help when searching for a convenient place to stay during your vacation.


Private rental room in Brisbane, Australia

Rent a private rental in Brisbane, Australia – from $66 per night!


Brisbane, Australia is one of the most modern and most beautiful cities of the continent. Thousands of tourists visit the city year in and year out. But all of those tourists in most cases have the same problem, where to stay? The solution to this problem lies here on this page because it can offer you cheap and affordable short lets to stay in.

You can easily find temporary rental properties in the price range between 30 and 140 euros, depending on the quality and the location of the place. There is a wide selection of short term homes to choose from as well. There are over six hundred available listings in Brisbane which are well furnished and conveniently located around the city to serve as perfect holiday homes for you.

They also serve the needs of both you and your family or your group of friends who are traveling with you. The different types of short term leases available are both targeted for single travelers and larger groups.


Fully equipped private rental in Brisbane, Australia

Apartment for rent in Brisbane, Australia – from $90 per night!


There are a number of great single studio apartments near the center of Brisbane and homes to rent as well. A tourist who comes sightseeing or just to tour the city can rent a single room or private flat which is equipped with a TV and has an internet connection and, most importantly, a comfortable bed for rest.

Since there is no kitchen, one can book bed and breakfast services and receive a meal in the morning and spend the rest of the day wandering around Brisbane and enjoying the attractions.


If on the other hand you need a bigger place to stay in, a whole house to rent is the perfect solution for you. There are self catering homes which have a big kitchen, air conditioning systems and even a private parking space and all in the price range between 60 and 200 euros a night.

If you are a nature lover, there are several cottages situated near Brisbane or in the close vicinity to serve you. Some are near the beaches and near popular surfing spots, which are perfect to spend your holiday just lying in the sun and swimming in the clear waters of the ocean.



Popular Places in Brisbane Worth To Be Seen in Brisbane


Brisbane is the capital city of the state of Queensland, Australia. It is also the most populous city with 2.2 million people. The city got its name after the river on which it stands while the river itself was named after Sir Thomas Brisbane who discovered it.

Brisbane has a humid subtropical climate which is very suitable for both summer and winter period and it is one of the reasons why people visit here. It also has the most growing and the most stable economy of all the cities in the area which allows the city to grow further and expand and represent a great place to live in.


A view of the beautiful Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Australia


As one of the cultural and educational centers of Australia, Brisbane houses many universities such as the Queensland University of Technology, the University of Queensland and highest rated university in the country the Griffith University. Also it has a very lively music scene with the Queensland Performing Arts Centre being the center of it.

It consists of a Concert Hall, Lyric Theatre, Playhouse Theatre and Cremorne Theatre and is the place where many music events and venues take place. Popular tourist spots include Roma Street Parkland, South Bank Parklands, Brisbane Forest Park, the City Botanic Gardens and Portside Wharf.



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