Short Stay Apartments in Bristol, UK

Having a short-term rental in Bristol, UK to rent is a great advantage, particularly when those accommodations come very nicely furnished and cheap to lease. This page makes all of that a reality and offers you a quick and easy to access way of achieving that. Everything you need and more about places to stay in Bristol can be found here.


Bristol Center Flat To Let

Bristol center flat to let – from 148 EUR per day!


Short Stay Accommodation in Bristol


One of the largest cities in the United Kingdom, Bristol has been one of the fastest growing cites on the isle. Today, many people wish to come and see this city because of tourist reasons while others come here for quite trips and business purposes. In order to accommodate all those people, this page has been created with an idea of offering hundreds of privately owned accommodation rentals through it.

It does not matter what the purpose of your trip is because the only thing that matters is that you will find a short let in Bristol. There are various greatly furnished flats listed here for various vacation purposes. Sightseers can use them because there are some which are located in the central part of Bristol while business people are welcomed to try them and will get a useful Wi-Fi internet connection.


Bristol One Bedroom Apartment To Let

One bedroom apartment to let in Bristol, UK – from 90 EUR per night!


Self-catering apartments offer everything which a couple needs during their stay. They are furnished with flat screen TVs, washing machines and a kitchenette for arranging your meals. Apartment rentals are particularly useful for smaller groups as well, because there are some which offer additional bedrooms and favorable sleeping arrangements.

But families or larger groups are more than welcomed to try their luck in finding a place to stay in Bristol. Especially for them, whole temporary housing in Bristol are available for them to stay in. Holiday homes are the largest lets listed here and are very useful for family vacations.

Large space, more bedrooms, a garden in front and even a private parking space are some of the features that characterize these vacation rentals. people interested in a high luxury stay are welcomed to try short stay villas furnished with the best and most exclusive amenities and appliances.


Bristol Terrace House For Rent

Bristol terrace house for rent – from 90 EUR per night!


Price Rates


Lease these short term stays in Bristol, UK for entirely affordable prices. Find a place to stay for as low as 30 euros a night. Private rooms are the cheapest while the flats can be rented at 40 or 50 euros a night. Leasing an apartment is also very affordable and they are priced up to 100 euros a night, depending on the sleeping arrangement.

Those apartment rentals which have double bedrooms are priced at 150 euros a night. In order to rent a whole house for you and your friends, you will have to scout for a place which is priced somewhere between 150 and 200 euros a night. And lastly, the most expensive places are the most luxurious ones. These short stay villas furnished with all sorts of useful amenities are priced maximally 250 euros a night in Bristol.



Location of Flats in Bristol


Bearing in mind that maybe the most popular location on where to choose your condo in Bristol, UK would be the very city center, there are some additional areas which may prove to be very interesting. The area of Bedminster offer some quality flats to lease. Take a glance at the modern studios located in the neighborhood of Redfield offered at a very cheap price.

Bishopston is an area of Bristol which offers a lot of holiday homes. Perfect for family vacations it is both quiet and offer loads of entertainment activities nearby. In the Shirehampton area which is close to the coastline area, one has the opportunity of leasing a number of late rooms with a great view as well as some luxury accommodation apartments as well.



More Information About Bristol


Bristol stone houses

Stone houses in Bristol


Bristol is a city situated in South West of England. Recognized as one of the main ports of Britain, it is also England’s sixth and Britain’s eight most populous city. Additionally it is the region’s cultural and educational center as well and a city which receives a great flow of tourist and foreign visitor activity, mainly due to its port.

It is also famous due to its music and film industry, and was also considered as one of the top cities of receiving the 2008 title of European Capital of Culture. It is also a city with a unique architectural style which ranges from that of medieval to 21st century. As the educational hub of the region colleges like Trinity College, Bristol Baptist College and Wesley College are found here.

Some of the sights and landmarks which are characteristic for the city of Bristol are the Kings Weston House, the Dutch House, Bristol Byzantine and popular shopping areas like Wine Street and Castle Street as well. Bristol is also a major sports center of Britain and is the home of many sport clubs here.


Blaise Hamlet Cottage in Bristol, England

Blaise Hamlet Cottage in Bristol, England



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