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This website’s purpose is to help you find affordable short term rental in Bucharest, Romania. You will be able to save money by opting to stay in a short stay rental house rather than in a hotel room. There are also a number of different accommodation types to choose from within the city.



You will be able to save as much money as possible on your trip and ensure you have enough spending cash once you arrive by choosing to stay in a private accommodation rather than the overpriced hotels. There are so many advantages and benefits associated with renting a temporary housing, making it a wiser decision than a hotel suite.

Currently, Bucharest has over a hundred late rooms and housings available for you to look at. Owned by the people from the city, the vacation rentals are greatly furnished and completely comfortable for the stay of any type of guests.

Landlords throw in some additional services, like a bed and breakfast accommodation, free parking services or internet services, and also arrange the flats so that they provide a peaceful and comfortable place to stay for the visitors. It is also a more private and personal way of vacationing and has great advantages than a hotel.


Bucharest Apartment

Great apartment in Bucharest from $47 per night!


Although there may be a microwave in your hotel room, but how are you going to prepare a meal in your hotel room? When looking for an apartment rental in Bucharest, you can choose one which has a serviced kitchen which will allow you to prepare meals and not just use the kitchen appliance for heating up cold meals.

A short lease which acts more as a house goes a long way than a single room, it saves money and offers additional possibilities. If you choose to rent a shared accommodation in Bucharest, your privacy will be completely respected. You will get your own private room with a comfortable bed and additional useful furniture.

You will also have access to the other parts of the house like the bathroom, kitchen, and the living room space. A holiday home for your family will also be a great choice if you need a lodging in Bucharest for a larger group of people to stay in.


Bucharest Room

Room in Bucharest for rent – from $27 per night!


Price Range of Rentals in Bucharest


As it was previously mentioned, renting private housings save you money. Given the low prices and amenities which the short lets offer, it results in money saving and cheap opportunities for you.

The price range for rentals in Bucharest, Romania is somewhere between 30 and 250 euros a night per lease. Of course, bigger ones will cost you more while the smaller ones are cheaper. For instance, a shared room will cost you 20 to 30 euros a night. Flats for single use are also cheap and priced around 50 euros.

Serviced apartments that are useful for couples and small groups are priced 50 to 150 euros. But bigger groups are priced between 150 to 200 euros for an opportunity to rent a whole house. Villas on the other hand, are a completely a separate field because they allow high levels of luxury and cost 250 and up per night.



Where You Can Find Our Accommodation in Bucharest


The best place to find a flat in Bucharest is perhaps renting one in the very city center. The vicinity around the center of Bucharest features different kinds of holiday homes, from single ones to three bedrooms.

If you happen to be visiting Bucharest purely because of sightseeing reasons, a place to stay near the National Museum or the Botanical Gardens is perhaps the perfect one. The biggest market of Bucharest is the Piata 1 Mai, and an apartment rental beside it is also a great option and is something which is close to everything.



More About Bucharest


Bucharest is known as having a very lively cultural scene. As such it has numerous destinations and attractions which are dedicated to visual arts, the performing arts as well as nightlife. It is interesting to know that there is no defined style associated with the culture in the city of Bucharest but rather it is a unique blend of many popular elements from all over Romania.

This makes visiting Bucharest a unique option when it comes to experiencing the culture of the nation. Being one of the biggest cities of Europe, it attracts various visitors from out the region as well. Bucharest is maybe the best for family holidays and features a lot of sites which are very interesting for the visiting tourists.

The premier ones are the Romanian Peasant Museum, Cismigiu Garden, the Lipscani District in the Old Historic Center of Bucharest, the National Village Museum, one of Europe’s oldest open-air museums and more.


Bucharest , Romania




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