Holiday Apartments in Budapest. From €15/Night

The purpose of this page is provide information about short term rentals in Budapest, Hungary. There are hundreds of apartments that are available to rent. Just click on the SEARCH button to see the list of available rentals in Budapest.


The website provides diverse types of short term accommodation, from studios to large temporary rentals that can accommodate larger groups of people. These vacation flats and other holiday rentals can be rented for days or weeks, while some of them are available for long term stays. Budapest holiday rentals are fully equipped and offer interesting and useful amenities. Flats have internet connections, holiday homes have big kitchens while short term villas feature swimming pools. Over eight hundred places to stay in Budapest are listed with different kind of accommodation options. There are serviced apartments with one or two bedrooms, good for couples or smaller groups.


Many people choose apartment stays for a family vacation because they are cheap and appropriate for a family even with small children. Renting budget space can be a great way to save money because these temporary housings are owned by people from Budapest and serves as a way of helping the tourist community, doing a good deed and providing for themselves in the process. The owners offer budget rentals for all the visiting people. Consequently, holiday house accommodations are equipped with modern amenities and unique services. You can rent a bed and breakfast condo in Budapest or a whole home which has both a furnished kitchen and a parking space available.


Apartment in Budapest

One of hundred apartments in Budapest available to let.


Rental Prices in Budapest


One best way to prove that the prices in Budapest are affordable is through the fact that over a half of the listed ones are priced up to 50 euros. It includes condos, studios and serviced apartments. For a price between 100 and 150 euros you can to rent equipped lets that can accommodate many people. For 200 to 250 and plus euros, villas and centrally located short term leases can be rented in Budapest.



Locations of Apartment


Apartment rentals are located all over the city of Budapest, from the center of the city to the suburban areas. Neighborhoods like Angyalföld and Ferencváros have the best offer of flats while for whole housings you can check out Józsefváros and Terézváros neighborhoods. It is fairly easy to rent a lease in Várkerület or a holiday home in Újpest, for example. Other popular areas also include Erzsébetváros and Kispest neighborhoods.



About Budapest


The largest city and the capital of Hungary, as well as the main commercial, political, industrial and cultural centre of the country, Budapest has the population of more than 1.7 million inhabitants, while the metropolitan area on the whole has 3.3 million inhabitants. What started out as a little Celtic settlement situated on the river Danube, Aquincum after changing hands over time, ended up controlled by Hungarians that arrived in this area in 9th century.


Budapest Jewish Quarter

Budapest Jewish Quarter


Make sure to go on a tour on the banks of the Danube, Andrassy Avenue, the Buda Castle Quarter, Millennium Underground Railway (one of the oldest lines of metro in the world) and Heroes’ Square, along with many more attractive locations.



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