Vacation Rentals Buenos Aires

If you are looking for vacation rentals in Buenos Aires, Argentina this is the right page for you. We made it together with local people who are looking to rent out their private apartments and late rooms to travelers. If you are coming to Buenos Aires and need budget accommodation, just check out our offer and make a booking!


Available vacation rental in Buenos Aires

Fully equipped vacation rental in Buenos Aires – from $55!


There are many luxury hotels in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, but private rentals are the much better option. When people go to Buenos Aires, they book and stay in one of the apartments or houses in the city. Depending on the size of your group you can choose your ideal short stay place.

If you are going to Buenos Aires with a large group of people, then you should consider a holiday house or a luxury villa with a pool. But if you are in Buenos Aires just for a few days and you travel alone then you can book a room for one. You will be in the same property with your hosts but you will have your privacy.


Some of these friendly locals will be happy to prepare a breakfast for you. If you would like to have this option, then look for bed and breakfast type of accommodation.  Short term leases in Buenos Aires are very cheap in comparison with similar temporary accommodation in other countries. Most of the listed self-catering properties are well-located.

You can also find flats in Buenos Aires in the most fashionable and stylish residential and in the shopping area in downtown Buenos Aires.


Affordable apartment for rent in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, apartment for rent – from $69 per night


Something More About Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is a very impressive city in Latin America and it is also the capital of the Republic of Argentina. It is an interesting city with high regards to architecture. Its technique reflects just the influence of French, Spaniards and Italians in its constructions. There are many great government offices like the Legislative Chambers, the National Government Offices and Judicial Powers to be seen here.

So many beautiful buildings, mansions, hotels are available in this city. You can also see extraordinary art galleries based on the culture of Latin America.


A view of Rio de la Plata in Buenos Aires

Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires



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