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Welcome to the page about holiday rentals in Bulgaria. Here you’ll see the list of private apartments and studios to let and some information about the country itself.



Most Important Information on Accommodation in Bulgaria


Bulgaria has always been an attractive holiday location, mainly for the people of the surrounding region, but lately for the ones from a far. Problems have often occurred when accommodation was concerned and with the hype of private accommodation rising, you will be ensured to find a comfortable place to stay in Bulgaria.

Short term rentals in Bulgaria are very comfortable and affordable. They are owned by private owners from various parts of the country offering you a nice stay in all the major cities of the country and a few smaller ones as well.


Short Term Rentals in Bulgaria


So from this fact you can see that this way of staying in a foreign country allows flexibility and is much more personal than staying in a one-sided hotel room. Lease a nice flat in central areas of Bulgarian cities which are furnished with many modern amenities and include different services.

The accommodations in Bulgaria near the coast are the best ones offered here. There are some serviced apartments close to the beach resorts or beach areas of the country which will make every tourist’s vacation a dream come true. Also, enjoy some of the most luxurious rentals in Bulgaria situated in the coastal areas. These are offered to people who have a little budget.

The fact that accounts them being the most luxurious are the amenities included, like a private pool or a hot tub or even in some cases a private gym. But if your vacation budget is scarce and you wish to find a basic accommodation in Bulgaria to stay, you can find very affordable studios for single or double use and some nice and exquisite holiday apartments.

Offered also, as in the hotels, are bed and breakfast services by some hosts which you do not have to pay extra for. Enjoy all of the perks that this page has to offer for your vacation to Bulgaria.



Bulgaria – Interesting Facts


In Bulgaria, the sunny beaches of Black Sea form the heart and soul of tourism. Along these coastlines, reside the world class hotels, restaurants and many entertainment amenities. All these makes Bulgaria the most sought after destination in the world.

These beaches are very much famous among youth since there is no dearth to the party places such as nightclubs and bars. The meals and the drinks are known to be the best and the cheapest in the amazing place called Bulgaria.


Bulgaria - Black Sea

Bulgaria – Black Sea


There is also no dearth to accommodation space in here. There are more than five hundred vacation rentals, hence, no wonder many choose Bulgaria for a short stay in. The terrain of the resort is flat, thus the rentals have been made along the coastline. This makes the accessibility very much easy.

The self-catering apartments are fully furnished and well equipped with all the basic facilities. Our website can be of great help if you are looking for places to rent. The fact that the variety of holiday villas in Bulgaria are quite diverse with affordable price makes it the best option so far. The bed and breakfast apartments are well catered with spacious and comfy rooms.


The site is very much user friendly and online booking has been made available for people. You can scan through the various offerings which are quite diverse in terms of living, yet very much cheap on the pocket. So experience the summers at Bulgaria like never before.



More Useful Facts


Before you start your trip to a foreign country, it’s always good to know some things. Here they are:



What is The Capital City of Bulgaria


The Capital city of the country is Sofia. Just like a well known female name.