Private Rentals in Byron Bay

The place where you are more likely to find cheap short term rentals in Byron Bay, Australia is right here on this page. Here you will be informed about every aspect of renting a vacation rental in this area and be thoroughly informed about it and the surrounding area where it is situated.


Byron Bay Room

Rent a room in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia – from $32 per night!


Byron Bay is a beachside resort which attracts tourists from all over the world. The numerous beaches make it one of the most attractive places for tourist activity in Australia. But in order to joyfully enjoy the wonders that Byron Bay can give, one needs to be fully rested and secured in the form of acquiring a comfortable condo during the visit.

Of course, you have the option of renting a room in a hotel, but in most cases the hotels around here are overbooked and charge more money than you actually have to spend on a vacation. This is why private accommodations are the perfect option for visiting tourists. They are much cheaper than the hotels, provide the same and in some cases greater comfort than a hotel might and are fairly easy to find and book.

Presumably you are coming here in Byron Bay to enjoy the sun and swim in the ocean. In that case, you can easily find a studio apartment which can suite your basic needs.


Byron Bay House

Holiday home for rent in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia – from $92 per night!


For example, you can rent a holiday home which is near some of the most beautiful beaches in Byron Bay or even a self-catering villa which is on the very beach itself. The ocean breeze will relax you at night and you will be able to swim in the ocean during the day which is only a few minutes of you. You can also choose to rent an entire house which has more bedrooms and accommodates a greater number of people and thus bring your family and friends with you.

On the other hand, there are also some cabins or cottages which are located in a secluded place and are perfect for couples or single visitors, where one can enjoy a romantic atmosphere and spend a great city break as well. But if you would rather enjoy a more urban setting, there are serviced apartments that provide bed and breakfast services and private flats which are situated all around in Byron Bay and are equipped with all the modern and brand new amenities for your pleasure only.



Most Popular Festivals in Byron Bay


Byron Bay is located in the far north of the Australian state of New South Wales and is internationally popular as a famous resting and beachside resort. Interestingly, the town was named by Captain James Cook who arrived here and named it after the renowned Lord Byron. The resort mainly attracts surfers and backpackers who visit one of Byron Bay’s numerous beaches.

It is also famous for having great places for scuba diving and snorkeling which is possible at the Julian Rocks and Cape Byron Marine Park. There are also some heritage places which are listed as national estates, and some of them are Cape Byron Light, Brunswick Heads Nature Reserve, the Two Sisters Rocks and Broken Head Nature Reserve.


Cape Byron Lighthouse,  Byron Bay, Australia

Cape Byron Lighthouse, Byron Bay, Australia


But besides being a great resting resort it also houses some of the many educational facilities like the Byron Bay Public School, Byron Bay Community School, Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School and Byron Bay High School. A city like Byron Bay also has its very own annual festivals and visitors can enjoy them if they come at those periods. The popular ones are the Byron Bay Film Festival, the Byron Underwater Festival, Splendour in the Grass, the Byron Bay Writers Festival and the East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival.