Private Rentals Cairns

Tourists who are looking for private rentals in Cairns, Australia can easily find them on this very page. This is solely designed with a purpose to list all short lets in the city of Cairns and offer them to visitors as a potential place to stay. It saves a lot of time and makes the job of finding an accommodation much easier.


Private rental property in Cairns, Australia

Private rental available in Cairns- from $69 per night!


The city of Cairns, Australia offers over a hundred convenient places to stay. The locals are usually the owners of these temporary apartments listed here. They are very pleasant and polite people who, besides renting their late rooms at low prices, may offer to help you get around the city and inform you about the best sites. The prices range between 30 and 200 euros a night per condo and it depends on the quality and location.

One can choose to rent a private flat which is in the very Cairns center and have all the shops and markets close to it, or rather find one which is near the waterfront and visit the beaches any time he or she likes. If you even want a studio apartment that is literally on the beach, there is one which costs 150 euros, has a great view and can houses up to six people.

Various types of travelers can choose and find late rooms in Cairns which will fulfill their basic needs. For example, if one needs a place where he or she can use only for sleepovers, there are some which are very cheap and in the quiet neighborhoods. This also provides the option of ordering bed and breakfast services.


Furnished condo for rent in Cairns, Australia

Rent a condo in Cairns, QLD, Australia – from $139 per night!


If you on the other hand come in Cairns with your family, the best way to go is to rent a self catering house. That way you have the access to a big kitchen, where you can prepare meals for your entire family, washers and dryers, where you can, if need be, clean your clothes, and even enjoy the use of an air conditioning systems to make your days more pleasurable.

But if your aim is to have a memorable vacation and spend it in luxury, there are short stay villas which can grant you just that. Besides having the option of choosing one which is near the popular beaches in Cairns, you can choose the one which has all new and modern amenities. You can even pick one which has a gym where you can keep fit or find one which has its very own private swimming pool.



Natural Attractions in Cairns


Cairns is a city located in the state of Queensland, on the north of the Australian continent. It was named after William Wellington Cairns, the former Governor. Due to its tropical climate, it has become a very popular place for foreign tourists who come here year in and year out.

Also, people who want to visit the famous Great Barrier Reef or explore the Far North Queensland use Cairns as a starting point. It is actually ranked fourth in Australian tourism. There are also a lot of natural attractions with Centenary Lakes, City Botanic Gardens, Mount Whitfield Conservation Park and Smithfield Conservation Park being the more famous ones.


The well-visited Beach Pool in Cairns , Australia

Cairns Beach Pool


One can also visit the Cairns Regional Gallery or the Cairns Museum if you are more interested in art. Besides swimming and sunbathing, in Cairns one can go on walks, have a barbecue on the promenade and even go whale watching. Other more popular activities here are diving and snorkeling and there are a lot of agencies which can rent the equipment to you and arrange a tour.

If you want to find out more about Australian sports, then Cairns is the place to go to because here you can go and see a match of some of the local teams and witness a game of one of the best basketball teams in Australia as well.



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