Short Stay Apartments in Cambridge, UK

The purpose of this page is to facilitate your search for short term rentals in Cambridge, England. Here you will find hundreds of furnished apartments available to rent. Various data bout the rentals and a thoroughly devised list is what you can expect to find here which will ultimately lead you to finding a great place to stay in Cambridge.



Short Term Accommodation in Cambridge – What We Offer


Apartment in Cambridge, UK

Apartment to rent in Cambridge


There is a wide range of temporary accommodations in Cambridge, UK listed here on this page. All of them are owned privately by people from the city and are furnished according to the latest standards in order to give as much pleasure as possible. These people will be happy to help you while you are in Cambridge.

Besides offering accommodation, they also provide you with important information about the city.This is a pretty helpful option which you can use, because you will feel more confident in exploring the city and be able to find out more about Cambridge. They also provide bed and breakfast service in some types of short stay places.

This service is one of the most asked for amenity and is included in the offer of many private hosts from Cambridge, UK. Depending on your needs and budget you can lease stylish and modern apartment in the center of the city or a private room somewhere in the uptown.


Large comfy room in Cambridge; from $73 per night!

Large comfy room to let in Cambridge. Available from 50 EUR per day.


The available temporary housings are a great choice for visitors who are on a tight budget but there are some very luxurious places which will indulge the needs of the most demanding visitors. There are also many students coming to Cambridge who often need a place to stay for a few days.

We have a long list of shared accommodations, mostly flats and shared accommodation, which are perfect for them at a low price. The flats have all the amenities a student needs for a stay of a short period of time. For bigger groups of travelers that are coming for conferences or similar events there are entire house with several bedrooms for rent.

These holiday homes, besides offering space and comfortable sleeping arrangements, offer fully furnished kitchens, parking spaces, washing rooms and everything a basic home has. It is a popular choice for families which are bent on spending a family vacation in Cambridge, UK together.


Single bedroom in light, airy home in Cambridge; from $48 per night!

Single bedroom in light, airy home in Cambridge for rent. From 35 EUR per night!


Location of Our Rentals in Cambridge


Centrally located short stay apartments are a very popular location choice for the visitors of Cambridge, UK. It allows you to move about the city with more ease and is generally close to every major point of the city. The Mill Road has a very peculiar offer of holiday homes available. Here you are more than welcomed to choose housings of all shapes and sizes which will cater to your every whim and need while you stay in Cambridge.

Further along the Hills Road you will find a set of serviced apartments which are very usefully furnished. They also offer a very favorable location and are great for smaller groups of visitors, particularly for offering some very modern amenities to go with them. Also, check out the variety of rentals on Cambridge’s Milton Road where a late room of any type of a person is available and can be particularly useful for students.


Street in Cambridge

Street in Cambridge


Accommodation Prices


Studio apartments in Cambridge cost from as little as 30 euros per night. Private rooms are available from 30-40 euros per day. If you want to spend more on your accommodation you should look for luxury houses that cost between 100 and 220 euros.

For 220 euros per day you can lease a penthouse in the center of Cambridge. Our flats are very well located around the entire city, so you can choose any location to stay. For example if you want to stay somewhere near to the Cambridge railway station, we have a cheap condo that you can book for 37 euros.



About Cambridge


Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

Corpus Christi College, Cambridge


One of the most acknowledged city names across the world, Cambridge is a university-city situated in the Cambridgeshire in England. The coveted place which has been the mast of the ship of knowledge for many centuries, the city where Newton, Milton and Byron, Rutherford and the duo of Crick and Watson, did became what they are now, the city itself is a legend.

For those who are familiar to the wallpapers of this beautiful city, the name brings in a picture in their mind, the picture of King’s College Chapel. Situated over the banks of the world famous river Cam, the city has been a holy place for scholars since 13th century, when the University of Cambridge was established.

Most visitors come to this historic city to have a look at those coveted institutions of knowledge. King’s College, Queen’s College, Trinity College, St Johns College are a few famous ones among them.


The city also has got some beautiful gardens, parks, and museums on every possible subject. If you love sports, you can indulge in a few of them in Cambridge. This includes rowing, punting etc. Situated just 50 miles north of London, the city is easily accessible by car from London.

There are regular trains running between the two cities. The city of Cambridge is one of the most pedestrian friendly, not only in England but all over Europe. You can also hire a bike to get around the city on your own.




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