Apartments for Rent in Camden, London

On this page you will find the list of short stay apartments in Camden, the neighborhood of London, UK. Explore the page and choose the one you like from the vast selection of short term rentals and book today, directly from the private owners.


Camden Private Flat For Rent

Private flat available for rent in Camden, London, UK – from 221 EUR per day!


Holiday Apartments in Camden


If you are planing a trip in Camden, regardless if it’s for business or holiday purpose, you should consider to rent one of a holiday apartments in Camden, London City. The short term rentals here offer many benefits and facilities. These are self-catering accommodation so you can prepare your own meals whenever you like. The kitchen is fully furnished with all modern appliances that includes oven, stove, fridge, freezer, microwave and more.

Private flats are also spacious, thus,  when coming here with a larger group or family it is easy to find a flat with two, three or more bedrooms. Most of these condos provide a living room with a TV set, DVD player where you can relax and a sofa bed where 2 more people can sleep. This kind or short stay accommodation is ideal for stay because they provide homelike atmosphere. You will feel more comfortable in private apartments than in hotel’s room.


Short Term Rental in Camden, London

Short Term Rental in Camden, London – from 150 EUR per night!


Facilities of Short Term Rentals in Camden


Most of short term rentals have facilities for recreation and luxury. If you are on a city break or official meeting at Camden, London you can find the best luxury apartments to rent for a few days or weeks. As mentioned, every vacation rental in Camden has fully furnished kitchen with a complete set of amenities. Bedrooms are furnished with double/single beds, wardrobes, bed linen/sheets.

If you are coming with a kids and needs a baby cot and a high chair you can ask the owner for it. Bathroom is equipped with shower, bathtub, hair dryer, clean towels. In addition, short stay accommodation in Camden will provide its guests Wi-Fi internet free of charge.



What to See in Camden


Camden is also known as London borough Camden. It forms the inner part of London. It is also connected to the central part of London. Camden London Borough Council is the main local authority of Camden. There are many attractions to explore at Camden. The Bloomsbury Theatre is a great spot for fans of musical concerts. On the other hand, the Convent Garden and Foundling Museum are good spots for recreation and watching masterpieces of art.


Camden Town, London, UK

Camden Town, London, UK


The Hatton Garden at Camden is also famous for its smooth and vibrant urban life. The area of Hatton Garden at Camden used to be a place where jewelry trade flourished. It used to be an integral part of London city with vibrant streets and lively quarters. The Foundling Museum in Camden London tells visitors about the history of Foundling Hospital.


Regents Park, London

Regents Park, London


Location of Short Term Rentals in Camden


Staying in Camden is always a great experience, whether just for a few days to weeks or months. Aside from the many things to see and do here, what makes Camden a unique tourist or business destination is the different types of accommodation available to choose from depending on your needs and most of all, budget. Guests also have the freedom to choose the location of their stay since short term rentals are all over Camden to better cater to the needs of travelers.

Some people want to live in the center of the city, while others are away from the hustle and bustle. Whatever and wherever it is, you can find a great short term rental with amenities that will make your stay comfortable and convenient.


If you want to have easy access on many things and try out the best restaurants in Camden, you can find a good place to stay which is only 15 minutes by bus to the West End and close to the Hampstead area. You can find a large studio in the area with a bathroom and kitchen, along with a TV, Wi-Fi, towels, linens, etc. Just a minute walk, you will reach the Finchley Road tube station and the 02 center.

On the other hand, if you want to live in the center of the city, you can opt to stay in a lovely 2-bedroom flat with the same set of amenities. The flat is only 5 minutes away from the Euston train station and 2 minutes away from the Warren street tube station, providing you with quick and easy access to the center of London in less than 10 minutes.

Located in a quiet and private building on a residential street, you will find a high-standard apartment built with modern luxury comforts including a kitchen and other living facilities. Aside from the spacious kitchen, it also has panoramic views and better sleeping arrangements with bigger and more spacious bedrooms. The apartment is also very close to the major transport links including the four tube stations.



Prices of Short Term Rentals in Camden


Aside from the strategic locations of these apartments in Camden, another great thing about them would be their affordable prices. If you choose the large studio, it would only cost you €95 per night with an inclusion of amenities. On the other hand, the ones situated in the center of the city would cost you €208 per night of your stay. If you want more luxury and you can afford to pay a higher price, then a more spacious and luxurious is priced at €500.

Regardless if you are on a tight budget or not, you can always find a place to stay that is comfortable, convenient, and comes with amenities that will complete your stay. You can relax in your chosen space, have access to the best parts of the city, and most of all, discover Camden in a unique and wonderful way.



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