Find Temporary Rentals in Canada

This page is specifically designed to help you find short term rentals in Canada. If you are a person who likes to travel, then Canada is definitely one of the places you need to visit. The natural beauty of Canada combined with the urban settings of the cities is the perfect place for all kinds of travelers.


Montreal Apartment

Apartment for rent in Montreal, Canada – from $89 per night!


Short stays are privately owned accommodation by private owners. They are much cheaper than checking into a hotel. They offer the same conveniences as a hotel but for a much lower price. Of course, our flats are all equipped with all kinds of amenities that you may find in a hotel and will generally make your stay more pleasurable.

So if you decide to visit Toronto there are over a thousand available apartments for rent and most offer bed and breakfast services. Vancouver also offers you the opportunity to rent an entire home if you happened to be traveling in a larger group.


Montreal is also one of the more popular places to visit and offers a larger number of different private accommodation. Besides having a lot of condos to rent, Montreal has over two hundred homes for rent and a large number of spacious dorms and luxurious lofts. Some cities like Quebec City and Calgary even offer a villa for rent, so you may enjoy your vacation in style.

But if you are fed up with the hype of the city and prefer the outdoors better, then have the opportunity to rent a cabin in Halifax and enjoy the nature. For those who like hiking and skiing, there are several chalets waiting for you in Ottawa for rent. Stay on a boat in Victoria and have the fun of your lifetime. Canada is becoming more popular in tourist circles and temporary accommodations are a great way to enjoy your vacation.


Calgary Room

Room for rent in Calgary, Canada – from $65 per night!


More About Canada


Canada is a North American country which consists of ten provinces and three territories. It is also the world’s second-largest country by total area. It was founded by both the British and French colonial expeditions, thus it is divided in the English and the French parts of Canada. It is also a bilingual country; English and French are both official languages of this country.

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, while the most populated city is Toronto with 5,583,064. Other bigger cities are Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. Canada’s incredible geographical variety makes this country a unique tourist attraction. It has many heritage sites of which Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto have the most. Canada is also the home of one of the major tourist attractions in North America, the Niagara Falls, which attract thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.


Crescent Town, Toronto, ON, Canada

Crescent Town, Toronto, ON, Canada


More Canada Cities You Should Visit



So if you decide to visit Canada and witness the beauty and the culture of this country first hand, you should definitely rent one of our lodgings. Rent any type of temporary accommodation from small apartments to luxurious villas.