Flats to Let in Cardiff – From €37/Night

The purpose of this page is to facilitate your search for short term rentals in Cardiff, UK. We have hundreds of private flats available for you to rent online via this page. A variety of multipurpose rentals are listed here and the page will make sure that you get an easy way of finding and renting them.



Short Term Accommodation in Cardiff


room in Cardiff; from 30 EUR per night!

Modern house close in the centre of Cardiff for rent –  from $39 per night!


There are various options available for holiday rentals in Cardiff. If you are on a budget, we have cheap short term lets for you. If you are looking for some luxury, there are well furnished luxury apartments and big studios available for rent. Make sure you have a good private rental booked in your name before you arrive in Cardiff.

The biggest and the capital city of Wales is certainly a place worth a visit and the best way to do it is by finding a short stay place to make your holiday more enjoyable. Around three hundred available rentals are found here all furnished and arranged very nicely in modern and also traditional style. The price is in either way very affordable and will cost you a lot less if you decide to stay in Cardiff in a private home than in a hotel.


Bright apartment in Cardiff; from €42 per night!

Bright apartment in Cardiff. From €37 per night!


They are called private homes because they are owned by owners from the area or from the city of Cardiff. Landlords offer their own housings for temporary renting purposes and give you bargain prices with additional amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The cheapest form of an accommodation here is a shared accommodation, which you share with the host.

You will get your own private room and access to other parts of the condo like the kitchen and the bathroom. Flats are also very popular and serve greatly for exchange students, people on business trips or backpackers who are here to see Cardiff. Serviced apartments on the other hand, would be more appropriate for couples on a holiday. For families, holiday homes are rented as entire housings.

If you decide to bring your kids along, try to find a place which has a garden, where your kids can play at the back, and which allows pets if your child wants to bring its favorite pet along. The majority of the late rooms are equipped with Wi Fi or direct internet connections, while all of the guesthouses have a kitchen or offer you the use of a kitchen where you can prepare meals, or if you would like to book a meal with the rental you can find an owner who offers bed and breakfast services as well.



Location of Our Flats in Cardiff


Apartment in Cardiff

Apartment for rent in Cardiff, from €39 per night


Location wise, the center of Cardiff is perhaps the most useful location of the city. You can lease a flat which is in the nearest most central area of Cardiff and enjoy a great stay where everything is close to you. The most favorable centrally located areas certainly are near the Cathays Park and the area of Cathays itself.

The neighborhood of Canton offers are variety of studios furnished in an exclusive style. Apartments with a view are offered to you near the Cardiff Bay and along the Cardiff Docks. There are also some flats and holiday homes for larger visiting groups. The neighborhood of Adamsdown includes a number of larger private housings to lease which work well for family vacations.



Accommodation Prices


An affordable self-catering accommodation in Cardiff, UK is just a few clicks away. We have condos for as low as 30 euros and luxury villas for up to 300 euros per day. Get a simple flat for just 40 euros for you and your loved one. Serviced apartments are available for 50 to 100 euros a night.

Holiday homes with more bedrooms will cost you a bit more, but are still affordable for everyone’s standards. They are priced between 100 and 200 euros, all depending on the amenities the housings it is furnished with. Additionally, a range of luxury villas is waiting for you in Cardiff for a price between 200 and 300 euros a night.



More About Cardiff


One of the chief cities of United Kingdom, Cardiff is the capital of Wales. Ranked as the tenth largest city of the United Kingdom, Cardiff in fact holds the top rank among those in Wales. A major cultural and sporting hub of Wales, Cardiff has been among the top six tourist destination around the world in a list published by National geographic in 2011.

Home to a few of those famous sports teams, Cardiff has always been a major attraction for the lovers of the games like football (Cardiff City), rugby (Cardiff Blues, Cardiff RFC), and cricket (Glamorgan County Cricket Club). The city is characterized by the maritime weather conditions, which features mild temperatures, and often cloudy, wet and windy days.



Attractions You Must Visit While in Cardiff


Cardiff Castle

Castle near Cardiff


The main attraction in the city of Cardiff includes the Millennium Stadium, Pierhead Building, Senedd and the Welsh National Museum. Talking about historical monuments and buildings, the major attraction in this category is the Cardiff Castle.

Others include St. David’s Hall, Llandaff Cathedral. Castell Coch or the Red castle is also a major tourist attraction in Cardiff. Talking about the natural beauty of Cardiff, the scintillating beauty of Cardiff bay is well known to international tourists.



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