Holiday Rentals in Cayman Islands

One of the best ways to spend your holiday in the Caribbean is by renting a short term rental in the Cayman Islands. The page that you are currently on will inform you about everything there is to know about renting a place in the Cayman Islands. We specialize in helping people find their accommodation for their trips and vacations.


Cayman Islands Condo

Rent a condo in Cayman Islands – from $125 per night!


As one of the main tourist attractions and one of the more intriguing places in the world, the Cayman Islands get a lot of visitors yearly. Of course the island has a lot of hotels in which you might stay in, but sometimes they are overbooked and in most of the cases are too expensive for the standard budget of an average traveler.

So why not choose short term accommodations for your next holiday? These short lets are very comfortable, exquisitely furnished and come at very low prices. The majority are owned by people who live on the island or the locals. These friendly and helping people can help you find your way around when you come on the island and act as a tour guide.


The rentals that you may find on this page vary from cozy one bedroom apartments to luxurious villas situated near the beach. There are some fabulous vacation rentals in the Cayman Islands (in George Town), situated in the center of the city and is equipped with amenities like a TV, a washer and a dryer, full internet service and an air conditioning system.

But if you want to be closer to the beach at all times, there are some great oceanfront rentals in Bodden Town that also come with two or more bedrooms and an enormous kitchen. If you want to spend your vacation on the Cayman Islands in style there are some fabulous and luxuriously furnished villas near the Seven Mile Beach. They come with a pool and a great view of the seaside and the beach itself.


Cayman Islands House

House for rent in Cayman Islands – from $140 per night!


Interesting Facts About Cayman Islands


The Cayman Islands are located in the western Caribbean Sea. It consists of three islands Cayman Brac, Little Cayman and Grand Cayman where also the capital of George Town is situated. It actually represents a British Overseas Territory.

Besides having the highest standard of living among all of the Caribbean countries, the Cayman Islands are also famous for its tourist potential. The Seven Mile Beach is a tourist attraction which has some of the most fabulous beaches and restaurants on the islands and where most of the tourists who come here like to visit.

Popular activities include snorkeling and swimming with stingrays, which one can do in Stingray City on the Grand Cayman. There are also a few shipwrecks along the shore of the islands and serve as a tourist activity where visitors can go and explore the shipwrecks underwater. Some famous landmarks of the islands are the Pedro St. James national historic site, Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and Rum Point.


Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands



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