Short Stay Accommodation in Chicago, IL

This page is designed with the purpose to help you to find short term rentals in Chicago, IL. Here you will find thousand of properties (apartments, private rooms) listed by local owners. Check out their availability now!



We provide you with a complete solution for your temporary accommodation during your vacation. Short stay houses and private rooms in Chicago are available for rent at stunningly affordable prices. We provide you with some beautifully furnished apartments and budget villas to make your stay a luxurious and flamboyant one.


Heart of Lincoln Park,Chicago, IL; from $107 per night!

Heart of Lincoln Park,Chicago, IL; from $107 per night!


We also provide nightly and weekly flats in Chicago, which you can have at a very low price for rent during your stay. Add up the package consisting of bed and breakfast to have all your worries about food. We provide you with excellent homes among the natural environment of this city.


Stylish apartment in Chicago, IL; from $99 per night!

Stylish apartment in Chicago, IL; from $99 per night!


Information About Chicago


With a human touch as well as closeness to nature, these guesthouses in Chicago are going to charm you. We provide the best facilities and amenities that you need right at your hand to make things better while you are having a break from work in Chicago.


Apartment For Rent in Chicago


One of the greatest cities of the world, Chicago, Illinois has its own attraction to the tourists. Not only because of the city being one of the center for culture and technology for years, but also for being wealthy in its natural treasures.


The Magic Bean, Chicago


The city has been pioneer in the idea of skyscrapers. The climate of the city during winter can be freezing and you must take warm clothes with you if you are arriving here during the winter months.


Loop, Chicago, IL, USA




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