Cole Valley Flats to Rent

This page was designed to help you find a short term rental in Cole Valley, San Francisco, USA and to provide you with some essential information regarding that area and available rentals. The rentals are owned by friendly locals, so you can be sure that you won’t have any problems in case you need any information as your hosts will be happy to help you have a great time during your stay.


Cole Valley private room

Sunny, spacious private room in the heart of Cole Valley. From $135 per night.


There are over seventy short stay apartments in Cole Valley, San Francisco so it’ll be as easy as possible for you to find an adequate accommodation, which will cater to your preferences and vacation style. Additionally, you won’t need to look through numerous websites to find a furnished private accommodation for your vacation, as you’ll be able to find it all here in one place.

Those who plan on visiting this city on their own should definitely think about renting a private room in Cole Valley, San Francisco, or even a bed & breakfast arrangement as it will provide you with all the comfort at an affordable price.


Large families should consider renting an entire house or a villa in Cole Valley, San Francisco as, besides being a spacious and comfortable option with high level of autonomy and liberty, it will give them a feeling of being at home away from home.

Larger groups of people should opt for renting an entire flat in Cole Valley, San Francisco, as there are many flats with three or more bedrooms so everyone will have more than enough space, while staying in an urban area. Many amenities only add up to the whole experience, so depending on the rental you choose, you can expect cable TV, kid-friendly premises, Internet access and many more.


Cole Valley apartment

Intimate Apt in Cole Valley to rent. From $85 per night.


About Cole Valley


Developed from a streetcar stop near the entrance to the Sunset Tunnel, Cole Valley is a small neighborhood in San Francisco and a small business district. It gained a lot of popularity during the late ’90’s and now it’s a mix of University of California residents and staff, young professionals, African American and working-class families living in this area since the early ’60’s.


Cole Valley, San Francisco

Cole Valley, San Francisco



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